Senior Super Champion Dave Bowers
David Robb
33 pts
Under 18 Super Champion Ryan Skeats 47 pts
Senior Off-Road Champion Jess Towler -
Ladies Off-Road Champion Diane Mantle -
Under 18 Off-Road Champion Colin Mantle


Senior Cyclo-Cross Champion Matthew Mantle


Under 18 Cyclo-Cross Champion Adam Gough -
Hill Climb Champion Pete Clements -
Senior Track Champion Pete Clements -
Under 18 Track Champion Josh Murad -
10 Mile Time-Trial Champion Richard Carrington 23m 58s
Carrington Cup Josh Murad 20.23 mph
Dave Morley Cup Josh Murad 20.23 mph
Committee's Award

Alexander Robb



2014 Award Winners
From left to right: David Robb, Peter Bentley (President), Alexander Robb, Pete Clements,
Grace Towler, Jess Towler, Josh Murad, Levi Towler, Mark Burchett (Chairman).

(Missing were Dave Bowers, Colin, Diane & Matthew Mantle and Matthew Skeats)

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Presentations - given by Club President, Peter Bentley

Matthew Mantle - Senior Cyclo-Cross Champion

Alexander Robb - Committee's Award

Josh Murad - Under 18 Grass-Track Champion

Pete Clements - Senior Grass-Track Champion

Jessie Towler - Senior Off-Road Champion

Viv Bowers - 3rd Ladies Off-Road Championship

Jean Poole - 2nd Off-Road Championship

Diane Mantle - Off-Road Champion

Colin Mantle - U18 Off-Road Champion

Pete Clements - Senior Hill Climb Champion

Josh Murad - Dave Morley Cup

Grace Towler - 5th U18 Off-Road Championship

Levi Towler - 4th U18 Off-Road Championship

Marc Bowers - 2nd Senior Rough Ride

Mandy Burchett - 3rd Senior Rough Ride

Dave Bowers (left) and David Robb (right)
joint Senior Super Champions
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