Updated 1 November, 2019
Elected Officers
  President Dave Sennitt    
  Chairperson Mark Burchett
  Secretary Secretary
  Treasurer Tom Sierra
  Press Secretary Mark Burchett
  Membership Secretary Dave Bowers.
Grove Villa, Beeches Road, West Row,
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. IP28 8NP.
Committee Members

Dave Bowers , Ken Lucas , Jean Poole , Harvey Wright

Club Address Mildenhall Cycling Club, PO Box 266, Thetford, IP24 9AW    
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the American Military?
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Vice-Presidents B.Atkin, Mrs V.Bowers; Mrs S. Clark; Mrs S.Edwards; R. Kent; D. Minns; Mrs J. Norman; T.Parr; M.Peachey, P. Spencer; Mrs A. Taylor-Balls; Mrs V.Thompson; T. Waters.    
Golden Members Miss Victoria Pendleton CBE ; Mark Bristow MBE    
Honorary Members Dave Ballam; Mrs J Bentley; Peter Bentley; Anthony Beverley;
Bob Bragg; Dave Bowers; Mrs Viv Bowers; Mrs Barbara Carrington;
Donny Clark; Rodney Coleman; Mrs Brenda Freiyer; John Freiyer;
Mick Kelly; Moe Milstead; Maurice Scrivener; Dave Sennitt;
Mrs Vera Staines; John Tilbrook; George Wadman; Harvey Wright.
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