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Moulton wins on Moulton hill as entries in Hill Climb Championship are hit by Gales

Keith RichardsonLarry MoultonThe gale-force winds decimated the entry in this year's Mildenhall C.C. annual Hill Climb Championship. Only two riders were brave enough to face the tricky conditions on Primrose Hill, Moulton near Newmarket.

Despite the strong wind both riders made short work of the hill, with American Larry Moulton even managing to break the two minute barrier. He was only five tenths of a second slower than last years wining time which was set on a sunny warm autumnal day. While last year's winner in a field of nine riders, Keith Richardson, was just three seconds behind Moulton this year.

Keith Richardson begins his climb

Full Results:

Larry Moulton waits for his start

  1. Larry Moulton - Mildenhall CC
  2. Keith Richardson - Mildenhall CC
  • 1min 59.62 secs.
  • 2min 2.90 secs.

27th October 2002


Keith Richardson rides his fastest '25' of the season

Mildenhall Cycling Club rider Keith Richardson rode on Sunday, competeing in his last time trial of the season - the C.C. Sudbury 25 mile time-trial on the A14 (The Bury to Woolpit course).

His time of 57 minutes 2 seconds was his fastest time for 25 miles this season. The winner was Zak Carr (A.P.I.Bikes) in a super fast time of 48 mins 52secs.

15th October 2002


Mildenhall's Open Cyclo-Cross

Matthew Cook - Winner of the Under 12'sMildenhall Cycling Club held their open Cyclo Cross meeting at High Lodge Centre in Thetford forest on Sunday. The rain forecast for the afternoon held off for the fifty riders entered.

Matthew Cook also riding for Mildenhall c.c.won the under 12`s event beating Luke Newby (Diss & District) by nine seconds. In third spot was Michael Dunning (Colchester Rovers) a further two minutes behind.

The youth event like the under 12`s attracted an entry of eight riders.Kristian Downs (A.P.I. Bikes) dominated the event from start to finish beating Shane Aldous (V.C.Norwich) into second place by fifty six seconds. In third spot was Liam Doughty (Godric C.C.) a furher 1minute 41seconds behind.

The main event of the day attracted a good class field of thirty four competitors. Right from the start four riders broke away, three from the Road Team Elmy Cycles and one from the Eastern Region Velo.Try as they did the three Elmy riders (Russell Parkins, Glen Simcock and Carl Davey) couldn`t shake off Glenn Stanford. Positions changed almost every lap between these four riders setting a blistering pace for the woodland course.

Ian PooleMandy CookThey raced for an hour plus a lap, each lap taking a consistent six minutes. Over the final hurdle Russell Parkins led the race and couldn`t be passed by the three other riders to take the chequered red flag one second ahead of clubmate Greg Simcock. In third spot Glenn Stanford was another second behind Simcock. Unfortunaty a crash just before the line when Carl Davey hit the deck robbed the Elmy team a posible 1,2,3 finishing positions.

Organiser Ian Poole rode the Seniors/Veterans event, the main race of the day, finishing a credible nineteenth position. Bringing up the rear was the other Mildenhall rider, only one of two ladies competing, in thirty third position Mandy Cook.

Pictures - Adrian Turner

Full result:

Main event

  1. Russell Parkins - Senior - X RT/Elmy Cycles
  2. Greg Simcock - Senior - X RT/Elmy Cycles
  3. Glenn Stanford - Senior - ERV/Bianchi UK
  4. Carl Davey - Senior - X RT/Elmy Cycles
  5. Nathan Miller - Senior - Ipswich BC
  6. Ian Newby - Senior - Diss & District CC
  7. Jef Sharp - Veteran - Ben Hayward/OTH
  8. Mark Farrow - Veteran - VC Norwich
  9. Tim Butler - Veteran - Ipswich BC
  10. Chris Jillings - Veteran - Ipswich BC
  11. Geoff Bores - Veteran - Basildon CC
  12. Neil Stevens - Senior - ERV/Bianchi UK
  13. S Chatting - Senior - Anglia Sport
  14. Dave Copland - Senior - Ipswich BC
  15. Andrew Whelan - Junior - ERV/Bianchi UK
  16. Carlton Ainsworth - Senior - ERV/Bianchi UK
  17. Michael Dunn - Senior - Unattached
  18. Robert Smith - Veteran - Ipswich BC
  19. Ian Poole - Veteran - Mildenhall CC
  20. Matt Kyle - Senior - Basildon CC
  21. Richard Muchmore - Senior - W.Suffolk Whls
  22. Paul Emmerson - Senior - Flow Racing
  23. Martin Holland - Senior - Ely & District
  24. Richard Emmerson - Senior - Flow Racing
  25. John Terrell - Veteran - Unattached
  26. Nigel Middlehurst - Veteran - James Hay RT
  27. Graham Findlater - Senior - Unattached
  28. David Garratt - Senior - Unattached
  29. L Clarke - Lady - Fenland Clarion
  30. Chris Bartlett - Junior - Ipswich BC
  31. Stuart Hocknell - Veteran - St. Ives CC
  32. Steve Clarke - Veteran - Fenland Clarion
  33. Mandy Cook - Lady - Mildenhall CC
  34. Trevor Holmes - Veteran - Diss & District CC
  • 10 laps in 1:04:32
  • +0:01
  • +0:02
  • +0:51
  • +3:32
  • +3:40
  • +4:18
  • +6:16
  • +6:31
  • +1:18
  • +1:34
  • +1 lap +2:04
  • +1 lap +2:26
  • +1 lap +2:55
  • +1 lap +3:12
  • +1 lap +3:15
  • +1 lap +4:39
  • +1 lap +5:23
  • +1 lap +5:26
  • +1 lap +5:39
  • +1 lap +5:43
  • +1 lap +6:00
  • +1 lap +7:00
  • +1 lap +7:14
  • +1 lap +7:24
  • +2 laps +3:07
  • +2 laps +5:28
  • +2 laps +6:11
  • +2 laps +7:31
  • +3 laps +0:37
  • +3 laps +1:50
  • +3 laps +3:56
  • +3 laps +4:37
  • DNF

Youth event

  1. Kristian Downs - API Resprays
  2. Shane Aldous - VC Norwich
  3. Liam Doughty - Godric CC
  4. Tom Morris - Youth - Anglia Sport
  5. Abbie Thorrington - Ipswich BC
  6. Paul Watts - Ipswich BC
  7. Claire Larbey - Mildenhall CC
  8. Mark Chapman - U14 Unattached
  • 4 laps in 26m 50s
  • +0:56
  • +1:41
  • +1:47
  • +2:33
  • +7:18
  • +1 lap +2:23
  • +1 lap +2:36

Under 12's event

  1. Matthew Cook - Mildenhall CC
  2. Luke Newby- Diss & District CC
  3. Michael Dunning - Colchester Rovers
  4. Sam Bores U9 Lee Valley Youth CC
  5. Cara Ainsworth - ERV/Bianchi UK
  6. Jessica Baker - Unattached
  7. Luke Almond -Unattached
  8. Robbie Foster - Unattached
  • 3 laps in 9m 01s
  • +0:07
  • +2:00
  • +2:34
  • +4:04
  • +4:15
  • +1:40
  • +1 lap +1:43

14th October 2002


Members take part in National Trophy series event

Last Sunday Mildenhall Cycling Club duo Ian Poole and Adrian Rochford rode the fourth round of the National Trophy Cyclo Cross series at Matlock.

Competing in the Veterans event which had fifty five starters and after a slow start they both worked their way up through the field. The course was made very slippery after overnight rain and an event held the previous day. Rochford rode well in what was only his second event of the season, finishing nineteenth, the best position of an East Anglian contingent. Poole, after a bout of stitch, finished in a disappointing 48th position.

11th October 2002


Victoria rides to ninth fastest in World Championships

Mildenhall CC track cyclist Victoria Pendleton was amongst the 18 qualifiers for the Women's Sprint in the World Championships currently being held in Denmark. She was 9th Fastest with a time of 11.8 seconds, easily faster than the Commonwealth Games gold medallist Kerry Myers.

Her dad Max reports "She was however, unfortunate to be drawn in round one against the experienced Russian Krankoskia, who came around Victoria in the finishing straight. Next came the most unfair step in the competition in that the 1st round reperchange was only 5 minutes after Victoria had finished her heat. She was riding against a Russian and a Ukrainian who had finished their heats some 25 minutes before. Even with the thoughtful delaying tactics of an American UCI official, she still had to ride within 10 minutes of her heat. Her level of fitness is not yet such that she can recover in this timeframe and whilst she beat one of her opponents was unable to beat the other, and was thus out of the competition."

A proud Dad also commented "ninth fastest in the World in her first year of serious competition can't be bad and it all bodes well for the future."

27th September 2002


Pendleton's in action in World Championships

Mildenhall Cycling Club's Victoria Pendleton has been selected to ride in the World Championships, which take place at Ballerup, 15 miles from Copenhagen, Denmark. She was chosen ahead of another promising rising lady talent, Denise Hampson.

She travelled to Copenhagen on Tuesday, along with her new Lottery Funded (as featured on Tomorrow's World) £12,000 frame. He father Max commented "she rode it for the first time last week in her final speed preparation at Manchester, where she was clocked in motor paced sprints at 45 mph. In other words she should be able to stay with anyone, getting by though may be a little more difficult!"

Victoria, who finished fifth in the 2002 Womens Track Series, will go through the selection process for the World Class Performance Programme for 2003 in November, which will be a series of meetings and interviews.

Victoria is currently in Denmark and returns on Saturday. She will then join up with her Dad Max to travel to Melbourne on Monday where Max will be riding the World Masters Games. He says "The intention is to improve on my 5th in the 55-59 age group sprint at the World Cycling Masters at Manchester last week."

25th September 2002


Results of 2002 National Track Series

Victoria Pendleton finished fifth overall in the 2002 season-long Ladies National Track Series with 23 points.

Full Results:

  1. Jacqui Marshall - VC St Raphaël
  2. Rusine Airstone - VC St Raphaë
  3. Laura Stewart - Velo Club des Londres
  4. Glynis Francis- Yasumitsu Schlapp
  5. Victoria Pendleton - Mildenhall CC
  6. Ellen Hunter -Yasumitsu Schlapp
  7. Lorna Webb - Team PowerBar
  8. Clara Beard - Team Quest
  9. Tanwen Haf - CC Cardiff
  10. Jane Carter - Yasumitsu Schlapp
  • 35 points
  • 33
  • 33
  • 24
  • 23
  • 23
  • 19
  • 16
  • 15
  • 12

24th September 2002


Victoria does it again - winning Gold medals in National Hard-Track Championships

Hard on the heals of retaining her 800m grass-track crown, Victoria produced some stylish riding to win two golds in the National Hard-Track Championships held at Manchester this week.

In the Womens 500 metre time-trial she produced the only sub 36 seconds ride of the 19 riders representing the cream of ladies track racing. Pendleton beat Silver medalist Denise Hampson, by nearly a second to take the gold medal stopping the clock at 35.765 seconds, an average speed of 50.33kph / 31.46 mph. For a full result click here for the British Cycling website.

Pendleton made an impression in the Women's Sprint Championship dislodging Hampson with a "surprisingly comprehensive victory over Denise Hampson", again, according to the British Cycling website. The Mildenhall star, who comes from Stotfold, Herts, gave an early indication of her intentions when she was quickest in the 200m time-trial to determine the fastest twelve to qualify for the first round, with a time of 11.931 seconds.

In the first round, despite a fall which needed a re-run, she easily despatched Jane Leask (Team Caledonia), while in the quarter-finals she beat Suzanne Longstaff (Stonefield Cycles) 2-0 with rides of 13.521 and 13.178 seconds. Pendleton again won 2-0 in the semi's against Ellen Hunter (Yasumitsu-Schlapp) to bring her face to face with Hampson.

In the first heat of the final the 20 year-old, who readily admits she's still learning the tactical side of sprint racing after her experiences in the Commonwealth Games, easily rode round her opponent in the final lap. In the second heat Hampson tried to be clever by using the banking to force Pendleton wide, but in doing so left the inside open for the Mildenhall rider to take control of the race and of the Gold medal!

Pendleton now faces an anxious wait to see if she has been chosen for the squad that will train for next World Championships, although these performances should only serve to enhance her growng reputation in the sport.


Victoria Pendleton (centre)

Victory celebrations in the Womens Sprint Championship

31st August 2002


Mildenhall Cycling Rally another hit for Mildenhall CC

With numbers up, yet again, of those camping, competing, exhibiting at the trade show and with a total attendance of between 6,000 and 7,000 this was the biggest and best so far of the Rally in its 16th year. For a full round up click here Mildenhall Cycling Rally.

On the grass Victoria retained her Ladies 800m title for an unprecedented fifth time, for all the results see the Rally website.

26th August 2002


Victoria Breaks National 200m Track Record in China

In her final event before defending her National Ladies 800m Grass-Track Title at next weeks Mildenhall Cycling Rally, Victoria Pendleton has broken the National Hard-Track 200m record. Competing in Kunming in China she reduced the record to 11.767seconds.

16th August 2002


Wheelers win season long Inter-Club competition

Mildenhall Cycling Club and West Suffolk Wheelers held the last event in the Inter Club Time Trial series of the season on Monday evening.The course starting in Lackford had an uphill start lasting for a mile towards Cavernham where the riders turned left to Risby then down to Flempton and finishing just before Ramparts field (West Stow).

Ten competitors faced the timekeeper, six from West Suffolk Wheelers and four from Mildenhall. Top rider again was Ben Mickleburgh (W.S.W.) who stopped the watch for the nine mile course in 20 minutes 12 seconds. In second spot was another wheeler Veteran Brian Starr finishing in 21minutes 33 seconds, close on his heels was his team mate Stephen Williams in 21minutes 42 seconds.

Fastest Mildenhall rider finishing in 22 minutes 47seconds was American serviceman Larry Moulton, while Nancy Smith (W.S.W.) was the fastest of two ladies finishing in a credible time 25 minutes 50 seconds. The Wheelers won the season long series between the two clubs by a clear margin fielding the majority of riders.

Full result:

  1. Ben Mickleburgh (W.S.W.)
  2. Brian Starr (W.S.W.)
  3. Stephen Williams (W.S.W.)
  4. David Giffin (W.S.W.)
  5. Viv Smith (W.S.W.)
  6. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall C.C.)
  7. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall C.C.)
  8. Richard Carrington (Mildenhall C.C.)
  9. Nancy Smith (W.S.W.)
  10. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall C.C.)
  • 20mins 12secs.
  • 21mins 33secs.
  • 21mins 42secs.
  • 22mins 12secs.
  • 22mins 17secs.
  • 22mins 47secs.
  • 23mins 29secs.
  • 23mins 36secs.
  • 25mins 50secs.
  • 28mins 46secs.

12th August 2002


Andy Stuart breaks two Club Records within a week

As reported in this weeks Cycling Weekly, Mildenhall rider, Andy Stuart rode to a new club 30 mile record in 1hour 5 minutes 27seconds, taking 1minute 10 seconds off his old record (1hr 6m 39s). He gained sixth position overall in the Leo R.C.30 on the A12 in Essex. Even more remarkable was the winner, 65 year old John Woodburn in a time of 1hour 2 minutes 53 seconds!

He then set a new '100' record whilst competing in the Icknield R.C.event knocking almost ten minutes off his old record. Andy's time of 3 hours 51minutes 19 seconds gained him second place in the race and which meant he was the first Mildenhall Club rider to beat 4 hours for a '100'. The winner was Joel Wainman (Pete Read Racing) in 3 hours 46 minutes 28 seconds, (course F1/100 on the A1).

8th August 2002


Mildenhall Rider takes fifth in National 400m Grass-Track Championship

Mildenhall grass track specialiast Keith Richardson rode at the Heckingdon Show last weekend, gaining fifht place in the National 400metres grass track championships.

5th August 2002


Fens kind to Evening time-triallists

Mildenhall Cycling Club's latest round of the Evening Time Trial series was held on the Shippea Hill course on Monday evening. The night was reasonably good for the Fens with a slight cross wind, warm & rain free after the heavy showers throughout the day.

Six riders faced the timekeeper, three from West Suffolk Wheelers, two from Mildenhall C.C. and top Lady Triathalon rider from Ipswich Triathalon Club, Julia Shaw. Fastest was West Suffolk Wheeler veteran Stephen Williams who stopped the watch for the 10 miles in 23 minutes 18 seconds. Second was Julia Shaw just ahead of West Suffolk Wheeler Viv Smith finishing in 24 minutes 5 seconds and 24 minutes 9 seconds respectively.

Full result:

  1. Stephen Williams (W.S.W.)
  2. Julia Shaw (Ipswich Triathalon Club)
  3. Viv Smith (W.S.W.)
  4. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall C.C.)
  5. Nancy Smith (W.S.W.)
  6. Ian Poole (Mildenhall C.C.)
  • 23mins 18secs.
  • 24mins 05secs.
  • 24mins 09secs.
  • 24mins 52secs.
  • 27mins 33secs.
  • 27mins 36secs.

5th August 2002


Mildenhall's Victoria narrowly misses out on a Commonwealth Games Bronze!

Victoria PendletonMildenhall`s Victoria Pendleton just missed out on a bronze medal in the Women's Sprint tonight at the Velodrome in Manchester.

The talented track rider eased through the quarter-finals by beating fellow Briton Melanie Szubrycht with times of 12.391 and 12.798 seconds respectively in both sprints, to set up a semi-final meeting with Australian Kerrie Mears. She was unable to reproduce those excellent times, with the Australian posting times of 12.665 and 12.617 seconds.

Victoria, pictured left at the Manchester Velodrome, was then beaten in the bronze medal ride-off by Anna Mears, sister of Silver medallist Kerrie, with times very close to what she herself had recorded in her successful quarter-final rides!

Canadian Lori-Ann Muenzer claimed the Gold medal after beating Anna Mears with rides under twelve seconds.

For all the cycling results at the Commonwealth Games click here.

1st August 2002


Time-Trialists suffer in the heat

Mildenhall Cycling Club held the latest round of their evening time trial series on Monday evening on a very hot and humid night with temperatures in the eighties. The event was held on the West Stowe 10mile circuit.

Most riders suffered in the conditions, with the exception of one - West Sufolk Wheeler star rider Ben Micklebourgh, who won the event in a superb time of 22mins.17secs. The Wheelers also took second and third positions respectively with veteran Stephen Williams in 24 minutes 17seconds and Viv Smith just beating Mildenhall top rider Richard Carrington by two seconds. Viv`s time od 24minutes 51seconds was his second fastest time for the course. Smith`s wife Nancy was fastest lady on the night in a time of 29mins.04secs.

With two events remaining of the Mildenhall time-trial series, Richard Carrington has already gained enough points to run out as winner of the series with a total of 60 points.

Full result:

  1. Ben Micklebourgh (W.S.W.)
  2. Stephen Williams (W.S.W.)
  3. Viv Smith (W.S.W.)
  4. Richard Carrington (Mildenhall C.C.)
  5. David Giffin (W.S.W.)
  6. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall C.C.)
  7. Ian Poole (Mildenhall C.C.)
  8. Nancy Smith (W.S.W.)
  9. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall C.C.)
  • 22mins 17secs
  • 24mins 17secs.
  • 24mins 51secs.
  • 24mins 53secs.
  • 25mins 45secs.
  • 26mins 16secs.
  • 28mins 23secs.
  • 29mins 04secs.
  • 32mins 19secs.

29h July 2002


Victoria finishes fifth in the Commonwealth Games Women's 500m Time Trial

Mildenhall`s Victoria Pendleton finished a very creditable fifth in the first of her Commonwealth Games events, the 500m Time Trial. Her time of 35.780 seconds, which saw her average 50.306 km/h, was just 0.185 seconds off Canada's Lori-Ann Muenzer in bronze position and only seven tenths of a second slower than the Gold medal time.

At the half-way point, Victoria's split time saw her lying in seventh, but she made up over half a second in the closing 250metres to over haul New Zealand's Fiona Carswell and Wales Denise Hampson. The Gold medal was taken by Kerrie Meares (Australia) in 35.084 seconds, while England's Jules Paulding won Silver with a time 35.448 seconds.

For all the cycling results at the Commonwealth Games click here.

28th July 2002


Victoria gears up for the Commonwealth Games

Mildenhall`s Victoria Pendleton has been representing Great Britain in Germany for the past 5 weeks. Last week she competed in the European Espoirs (under 23's) championships.

Victoria qualified fourth fastest in the sprint competition. She then won the first round heat, but was beaten in the second round. She then however, re-entered the competion through the repercharge. This took her to the last four. Victoria was riding against the Russian number one seed when she was brought down at about 38 mph, falling heavily. She was temporarily knocked out and was grazed on all limbs and her chin. The hospitalisation caused her to miss the next two rides and despite the Russian being disqualified, Victoria was unable to rejoin the competion and was designated 4th.

The injuries were such that Victoria was unable to ride her best event, the 500m sprint time-trial. Pendleton has already started training again at Manchester, after flying back today (Monday) and is still a fancied rider for the 500m time-trial and the Womens Sprint in the Commonwealth games. The first ride will be the 500m time-trial on Sunday night and then the sprint qualifiers on Wednesday with the semi finals on Thursday.

Two days after the Commonwealth games Victoria will travell to China for round four of the world cup. Victoria will be riding the National Grass Track Championships at the Mildenhall Rally on the 24th.August.

22nd July 2002


Grass-Track riders in action in the Lake District

On Saturday two members of the Mildenhall Cycling Club grass-track team travelled to Cleator Moor in the Lake district. On a beautiful day, quite out of character for the English Lakes, the racing was eventfull on a unusual track with four straights and four tight corners.

The track caused a number of problems with a number of crashes. Mildenhall riders stayed upright with one exception, Max Pendleton, who came unstuck when two children ran into the track when halfway through the 800m handicap. Mishaps apart, the tally of events was quite good, with Max winning the 500m handicap and coming second in the one mile handicap. Keith Richardson came second in the 800m handicap and second in the 500m scratch event.

21st July 2002


Super warm evening provides perfect conditions for course records to tumble

On Monday evening Mildenhall C.C. held their evening time trial on the Red Lodge 9.5 mile circuit. Conditions were near perfect for the event with very little wind and for a change a very warm night.

Ben Micklebough (West Suffolk Wheelers) broke the course record with a remarkably fast time of 20 minutes 2 seconds, while club-mate Stephen Williams enjoying superb form finished in a personal best for the course 21 minutes 16 seconds to take second place.

Viv Smith (W.Suffolk Wheelers) finished in 3rd, with another personal best time of 22 minutes 9 seconds. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall C.C.) rode strongly and broke the Ladies Club record for the course finishing in 28 minutes 34 seconds.

Full result:

  1. Ben Micklebourgh (W.S.W.)
  2. Stephen Williams (W.S.W.)
  3. Viv Smith (W.S.W.)
  4. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall C.C.)
  5. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall C.C.)
  6. Chris Frilzsche (Newmarket C.C.)
  7. Mark Heywood (Cambridge C.C.)
  8. Nancy Smith (W.S.W.)
  9. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall C.C.)
  • 20mins 02secs.
  • 21mins 16secs.
  • 22mins 09secs.
  • 23mins 17secs.
  • 23mins 30secs.
  • 24mins 46secs.
  • 25mins 19secs.
  • 25mins 35secs.
  • 28mins 34secs.

15h July 2002


Tandem pair set set new Club record for 10 miles

Mildenhall Cycling Club riders Mandy Cook and Keith Richardson rode the Norwich A.B.C.10 Mile tandem event last Saturday and recorded a new mixed tandem club record for 10 miles.Their time 23 minutes 58 seconds gained them second place in the event.

The winners were James Green and Ann Corbett who stopped the watch in a very fast time of 21minutes 37seconds.

14th July 2002


Results from Shippea Hill Evening Time-Trial competition

On Monday evening Mildenhall C.C. held their latest evening 10 mile time trial on the Shipea Hill course, unlike last Monday when the event was cancelled due to heavy rain, the event had just finished before the rain fell again.

The winner, with a very fast time for the night with strong winds, was West Suffolk Wheeler rider Stephen Williams, who stopped the watch in 23 minutess 9 seconds. Second placed rider was Mildenhall`s Richard Carrington who finished in 23 minutes 59 seconds. Another West Suffolk Wheeler, Viv Smith completed the course in 24 minutes 17 seconds to claim third.

Two Tandems took part in the event, West Suffolk Wheelers Ben Mickleburgh and Nancy Smith winning in a time of 22 minutes 7 seconds, while Vera Staines riding with her grandson, Matthew, (Mildenhall C.C.) finished in 35 minutes 39 seconds.

Full result:

  1. Stephen Williams (W.S.W.)
  2. Richard Carrington (Mildenhall C.C)
  3. Viv Smith (W.S.W.)
  4. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall C.C.)
  5. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall C.C.)
  6. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall C.C.)


  1. Ben Mickleburgh/Nancy Smith (W.S.W.)
  2. Vera Staines/Matthew Cook (Mildenhall C.C.)
  • 23mins 09secs.
  • 23mins 59secs.
  • 24mins 17secs.
  • 24mins 57secs.
  • 26mins 02secs.
  • 31mins 30secs.


  • 22mins 07secs.
  • 35mins 39secs.

8th July 2002


Mildenhall yet again retain Eastern Team Pursuit title

On Sunday five members of Mildenhall Cycing Club competed in the Team Welwyn open Grass-Track meeting at Hertford, which incorporated the British Cycling Eastern Division Championships. Over forty competitors took part in the meeting which was held on a very tight 219 Metre track made worse by the rain which fell for most of the afternoon.

The Mildenhall club were successful in both individual and team events where they won gold in both the 5 lap team pursiut and 3 lap team sprint. Keith Richardson had a good afternoon, taking the Gold medal in the 800 metre scratch, Silver in the 4 lap pursuit, finished third in both the Open 10 lap scratch and Devil-Take-the-Hindmost. He was unlucky to do better than fifth in the 400 metre scratch after pulling his foot out of the pedals at the start.

Marti Kemp, competing in his first ever grass track meeting took the Silver medal in the 8km. and Bronze in the 4 lap pursuit. He also won the award for the best male novice rider.

Max Pendleton finished 4th. in the 8km. event and won the award for Best Veteran rider. Mandy Cook gained three Bronze medals in the women`s 400 metre scratch, 3 lap pursuit and the 4 lap scratch; while Mandy`s son Matthew took the Silver medal in the under 10`s Omnium which included a 4 lap scratch race, 400 metre sprint, Devil-Take-the-Hindmost and a Keirin.

7th July 2002


Racing round-up for Club members in the last week

Mildenhall Cycling Club duo Mandy Cook and Keith Richardson set a new club record for mixed tandem 25 mile time trial on Sunday on the Risby-Woolpit course. Their time of 1hour 2 minutes 8 seconds was only 9 minuntes behind winners Anglia Velo pair Geoff Bateman & Joe Empson who finished in 53 minutes 30 seconds.

On Wednesday evening on the Attleborough course Mandy's Mum, Vera Staines, rode the tandem trike with grandson Mathew in the C.C.Breckland 10 mile Time-Trial. In very windy conditions, with no respite anywhere on the course, they finished in 32 minutes 45 seconds. Winners on the night were A.P.I. Bikes pair Zak Carr and Glen Taylor in a course record 18 minutes 8 seconds.In the same event Mandy rode the solo event and finished in 29 minutes 46 seconds.

On Saturday Mandy rode the Ravensfield (Near Rotherham) grass-track meeting where she finished third in the Ladies Omnium, this was Mandy's first event on the grass track, her future looks very bright in this cycling discipline. Her son also rode at the same meeting and attained a very credible first place in the under 16 Omnium event.

At the same meeting Keith Richardson won the 400metres handicap event, while Veteran Max Pendleton gained fifth place in the 8km event.

1st July 2002


Results from Higham Evening Time-Trial competition

Mandy Cook was the only member representing Mildenhall CC in her Club's latest round of the Evening Time-Trial competition, with a time of 33 minutes 36 seconds. West Suffolk Wheelers however, provided the winner in Stephen Williams who stopped the clock at 24 minutes 33 seconds.

Full result:

  1. Stephen Williams (W Suffolk Wheelers)
  2. Viv Smith (W Suffolk Wheelers)
  3. Nancy Smith (W Suffolk Wheelers)
  4. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall CC)
  • 24mins 33secs
  • 25mins 25secs
  • 31mins 03secs
  • 33mins 36secs

24th June 2002


Latest round of Mildenhall's Time-Trial competition

On Monday evening Mildenhall C.C.held the latest round of the evening time-trial series on the Red Lodge 9.5 mile circuit. The evening was once again very windy but fortunately the rain held off. Mildenhall out numbered West Suffolk Wheelers riders by four to three, although it was the Wheelers who produced the winner in Stephen Williams stopping the clock in 21minutes 46 seconds. In second place was another Wheeler, Viv Smith, finishing in 22 minutes 42 seconds. In third spot Mildenhall`s Adrian Turner stopped the watch in 23 minutes 54seconds.

Full result:

  1. Stephen Williams (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  2. Viv Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  3. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall CC)
  4. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall CC)
  5. Ian Poole (Mildenhall CC)
  6. Nancy Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  7. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall CC)
  • 21mins 46secs
  • 22mins 42secs
  • 23mins 54secs
  • 24mins 22secs
  • 26mins 28secs
  • 27mins 16secs
  • 30mins 01secs

10th June 2002


Mother and Son competing on three and two wheels!

Mildenhall Cycling Club Tandem trike pair Mandy Cook and Keith Richardson set a new club tandem trike mixed crew 15 mile record on Thursday evening riding in the East District Cycling Association event at Attleborough. Their time of 40 minutes 59 seconds was seven minutes behind the winners Mick Gambling and Ian Dawson riding for C.C.Breckland who were riding a two wheeled tandem which is a lot faster than a three wheeled tandem.

Mandy was in action again on Sunday at the Ixworth criteriums, organised by West Suffolk Wheelers. She rode in the women`s event which was 20minutes plus 5 laps, gaining third spot. The winner was Gabriella Day.

Mandy`s son, Matthew, also rode at Ixworth in the schoolboys event which included under 10's under 12's and under 14's. Matthew, who is only ten, rode well to gain fourth spot. He just lost out 3rd place in a sprint finish to West Suffolk Wheeler Ryan Grimwood.

10th June 2002


Mildenhall's Victoria Pendleton qualifies for the Commonwealth Games.
Mildenhall CC's National Cycling squad member Victoria Pendleton has had an eventful three days. In a Squad training session at Manchester Velodrome on Friday she equalled the Women's National 500 meter standing start record of 35.91 seconds. This qualifies Victoria for a second higher level of funding (after her 11.78 second 200metre time of last Wednesday) it also qualifies her in a second discipline for the Commonwealth Games.

On Saturday Victoria rode the second round of the National Women's Omnium League at Welwyn Track where she won three of the five events from 22 other competitors. The events she won were the Sprint, the flying 500m time trial and the points race. She then added second in the pursuit and 6th in the Devil Take the Hindmost. Her winning margin over Kathy Marshall of Velo Club St Rapheal was 11 points to 21. The event is based on 1 point for a win, 2 for a second etc. At the same meeting Max Pendleton, Keith Richardson and Martin Kemp were competing. Martin, as a relative track novice performed best of the three being placed 2nd and 3rd in scratch events. He also produced a creditable 4th place in the points race.

On Sunday Victoria, Keith and Max rode at Cannon Hill Park at Birmingham on the grass. The conditions could be understated as unpleasant, with driving rain and a track where the riders were running through up to 2 inches of mud. Here Victoria won the Women's Cycle Racing Association's 800m Sprint Championship and the 1-mile scratch race. Victoria's father Max was second in the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists 1-mile scratch to a rider 16 years his junior and was second in the 1 mile handicap. Keith Richardson qualified well to get in the Scratch sprint final, however the heavy going had him struggled in the final, not that anyone had it easy on one of the worst grass track days experienced.

On Thursday Victoria travels to Kotbus in Germany with the National Squad to compete in a World Cup Meeting. This meeting with a two week training camp, again in Germany, will be final preparation for the European Espoirs (under 23) Track Championships in Mid July with the Commonwealth Games at the end of July. Victoria will be defending her National 800 metre Grass Track Championship at Mildenhall Rally in late August.

11th June 2002


New member makes an impact in his first track meeting

Martin Kemp has made an immediate impact on the track in his first year with Midlenhall CC. He gained two firsts and a second place at the recent Welwyn Track meeting - for the full results list see the BCF results section.

Martin said"I was quite chuffed! I was amazed at how much of a margin I had at the end of the 10 lap scratch and the devil - I'd really only gone out to see how I would fare against other track riders. Still, we'll have to see how I get on against the 'A's. I was in the B group, but the organiser informs me that I'll be in the A group next week!"

10th June 2002


Mildenhall Track Squad enjoy some success
Things are a happening with the Mildenhall Squad. In recent weeks things have been coming together with varying degrees of success. The first round of the National Women's Omnium League at Portsmouth Victoria Pendleton had wins in her two specialist disciplines of 500m Time Trial and the Sprint, with 2nd in the Devil Take the Hindmost 3rd in the Points Race and 6th in the Pursuit. This made her second overall in the Omnium (a overall all rounder competition) At the Tom Simpson Memorial Grass Track Meeting at Harworth, near Doncaster the next day there was further success. Here Victoria Pendleton obtained two third places in the 800m handicap and in the 500m scratch. Victoria also won the Vets and Ladies race with dad Max coming in third as first of the Vets. Keith Richardson was always in contention making the sprint final as did Max, however with 3rd, 4th and 5th in a sprint final Mildenhall were well represented.

The week after Max and Victoria Pendleton rode the Yatsumitsu Schlapp meeting at Manchester Velodrome, both rode to their abilities, but against some of the top male sprinters in the UK, they were both at somewhat of a disadvantage, Max by his age and Victoria by her sex.

The next day saw Keith Richardson and Andrew Stuart riding the National Tandem Sprint Championships at Liverpool's Kirkby rack. Here they gave good account of themselves to finish in a creditable 7th place.

The next competition was the North Road CC Grass Track Meeting at Hertford, where Andy Stuart, on one of his weekend trips back from work in Turin had a number of wins and places. This reflected Andrew's fitness riding with an Italian club with regular 100 mile plus runs. Keith Richardson and Max Pendleton both picked up British Cycling Federation points toward keeping their 1st Category licences for a further year.

Last week end saw the National Masters Track Championships at Herne Hill in London where Keith Richardson, riding in group A, (30-34 year old) and Max Pendleton riding in group F (55-59 year old) both had various degrees of success. Keith rode well in the sprint to contest the minor final, after being knocked out in the first round, but then got back into the competition via the reperchange. His final place was 6th riding against many top-flight sprinters. Keith also rode the points race, the scratch race, the pursuit and the kilometre time trial. Pendleton rode an under expectation pursuit to come 7th. He had a mechanical fault in his first run in the 500m Time Trial and in his re-run produced 39.73 seconds, to be placed a disappointing 4th. The weekend was saved by a third place in the sprint final, Pendleton also got there the hard way being eliminated in the first round, re-entering the competition via the reperchange and then winning the second round.

The best performances of the last week have been two rides by Victoria Pendleton in training with National Coach Marshall Thomas in Manchester. In two separate sessions Victoria produced a time of 36.5 seconds for 500 metres, being qualification time for World Class Performance Plan (WCPP) being the level above the National Olympic Development Squad, of which she is currently a member. The electronically timed ride she produced on 5th June over 200 metres with a flying start was 11.787 seconds. This is a second qualifying ride for the WCPP scheme and also meets the Qualification standard for this year's Commonwealth Games. One disappointment was that Victoria was unable to ride in a World Cup meeting in Moscow last week due to her being unable to obtain a visa in the short time between the current National Champion Julie Paulding pulling out with a back injury.

On Friday Victoria will be making a dedicated attempt over 500 metres to raise her personal bests even further, the earlier 36.5 second ride being undertaken within a strenuous training session. With the end of her university studies Victoria is now finding the time to seriously dedicate herself to her sport. Watch this space…………

9th June 2002


Richard rides inside 24 minutes in VC Norwich's Ten

On Saturday Mildenhall Cycling Club member Richard Carrington, took part in the V.C. Norwich 10 mile time trial at Bungay. The afternoon was very windy which made Richard`s time of 23 minutes 49 seconds even more remarkable for the course which being single carriageway is not renown for speed.

Winner was East Anglia`s top short distance time-triallist Jim Burgess riding for Anglia Velo in a time of 20 minutes 59 seconds.

27th May 2002


Latest round of the Inter-Club competition with West Suffolk Wheelers

Mildenhall Cycling Club organised the latest round of the inter-club evening Time-Trials on Monday evening with West Suffolk Wheelers.The event was held on the Higham hilly 10 mile circuit,on a cool and wet evening.

As expected Ben Mickleburgh riding for the Wheelers continued his excellent form winning in a time of 24 minutes 9 seconds. In second spot Ben`s team-mate Stephen Williams also enjoying good form finished in 24 minutes 54 seconds; while third was Mildenhall`s Richard Carrington finishing in 25 minutes 36seconds.

Full result:

  1. Ben Mickleburgh (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  2. Stephen Williams (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  3. Richard Carrington (Mildenhall CC)
  4. Viv Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  5. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall CC)
  6. David Young (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  7. Nancy Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  8. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall CC)
  • 24mins. 09secs.
  • 24mins. 54secs.
  • 25mins. 36secs.
  • 25mins. 39secs.
  • 26mins. 58secs.
  • 28mins. 20secs.
  • 30mins. 58secs.
  • 35mins. 48secs.

27th May 2002


Shippea Hill Time-Trial results

Mildenhall Cycling Club held their evening 10 mile time trial on the Shippea hill course on Monday. The night was windy but dry & warm, wih eight riders competing with a mixture of local clubs represented.

Overall winner on the night was Mildenhall's Richard Carrington in a time of 23 minutes 49 seconds. Second placed rider representing the West Suffolk Wheelers was Viv Smith finishing in 24mins 2secs. Third was home Club rider Adrian Turner, who only arrived back a couple of hours from a short break in Spain, finished in 25mins 4secs.

Riding their tandem was West Suffolk Wheelers pairing Ben Mickleburgh & Stephen Williams finishing in a superb time of 20 mins 55 secs.

Full result:

  1. Richard Carrington (Mildenhall CC)
  2. Viv Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  3. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall CC)
  4. Chris Fritzsche (Unattached)
  5. Nancy Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  6. Julie Snell (Newmarket CC)


  1. Ben Micleburgh/Stephen Williams (W.S.W.)
  2. Mandy Cook/Matthew Cook (Mildenhall CC)
  • 23mins. 49secs.
  • 24mins. 02secs.
  • 25mins. 04secs.
  • 27mins. 31secs.
  • 28mins. 06secs.
  • 30mins. 14secs.


  • 20mins. 55secs.
  • 32mins. 33secs.

21st May 2002


First Inter-Club time-trial is a huge success

Twenty four riders turned out for the Inter-Club 10 mile time trial between West Suffolk Wheelers and Mildenhall Cycling Club last thursday evening at Ramparts field West Stow. The event was promoted by the West Suffolk Wheelers and the night was cold although virtually windless.The Wheelers by far outnumbered the Mildenhall club, fielding nineteen riders to Mildenhall`s five riders.

As expected Ben Mickleburgh riding for the Wheelers came out fastest on the night finishing in 22 minutes 38 seconds - a very fast time for the ten mile circuit course and in second spot was another Wheelers rider Lee Sturman almost a minute behind his clubmate in 23minutes 36 seconds. Stephen Williams (W.S.W.) finished in 23 minutes 45 seconds for third. The fastest Mildenhall rider in seventh place was Richard Carrington finishing in 25 minutes 7seconds.

Full result:

  1. Ben Mickleburgh(West Suffolk Wheelers)
  2. Lee Sturman (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  3. Stephen Williams (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  4. Brian Starr (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  5. Bruse Edges (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  6. Richard Farrow (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  7. Richard Carrington (Mildenhall CC)
  8. Viv Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  9. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall CC)
  10. David Giffin (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  11. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall CC)
  12. Paul Emmerson (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  13. David Young (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  14. Stephen Robinson (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  15. David Irvine (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  16. Tony Panting (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  17. Miver Zuill (West Sufolk Wheelers)
  18. Nancy Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  19. Richard Emmerson (West Suffol Wheelers)
  20. Nigel Jepson (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  21. Graham Fish (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  22. Anne Fish (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  23. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall CC)
  24. Martin Kemp (Mildenhal CC)
  • 22mins.38secs.
  • 23mins.36secs.
  • 23mins.45secs.
  • 24mins.10secs.
  • 24mins.15secs.
  • 24mins.52secs.
  • 25mins.07secs.
  • 25mins.11secs.
  • 26mins.02secs.
  • 26mins.19secs.
  • 26mins.55secs.
  • 27mins.03secs.
  • 27mins.34secs.
  • 27mins.54secs.
  • 28mins. 05secs.
  • 28mins. 39secs.
  • 28mins. 52secs.
  • 29mins. 05secs.
  • 29mins. 15secs.
  • 30mins. 18secs.
  • 31mins. 11secs.
  • 33mins. 20secs.
  • 33mins. 49secs.
  • Did not finish

15th May 2002


Duo ride tandem-trike for first time in competition

Mildenhall Cycling Club pair Mandy Cook and Keith Richardson rode their tandem trike in the recently held V.C.Baracchi 10 mile time trial at Bungay. This was their first event together on the trike after just a few miles training.

The morning was very windy but they still finished in a credible time for novices, their time was 28 minutes 19 seconds was less than three minutes behind the winners. They gained fourth spot in the process.

On the Mayday Monday Mandy and her son Mathew took part in the Bungay criteriams. Mathew competed with the under tens and finished in 5th place, while not to be beaten Mum riding with the ladies also finished in 5th spot. The winner was Helen Saunders riding for the Eastern Region Velo.

12th May 2002


Latest event in Mildenhall's time-trial programme

Only five riders turned out for the Mildenhall Club's evening time trial on Monday. Three from West Suffolk Wheelers and two from the host Club.

The riders faced gale force cold winds which probably accounted for the low turn out, added to which the course was a very hard 9.25 mile hilly circuit based on Lackford,Cavenham,Risby & Flempton. The winner was Steve Williams from West Suffolk Wheelers with Richard Carrington in second spot and veteran Adrian Turner in third.

Full result:

  1. Steve Williams (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  2. Richard Carrington (Mildenhall C.C.)
  3. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall C.C.)
  4. Viv Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  5. Nancy Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  • 23mins.21secs
  • 23mins.56secs
  • 25mins.48secs
  • 25mins.53secs
  • 30mins.20secs

29nd April 2002


First event in the new Inter-Club Time-Trials competition

Mildenhall Cycling Club held the first event of the season in the Inter-Club Time Trial Series combined with West Suffolk Wheelers, on the Red lodge 9.5 mile circuit on Monday evening.

Eleven riders faced the timkeeper, although West Suffolk Wheelers by far outnumbered the host Club, fieldling eight riders to Mildenhall`s three riders. Ben Mickleburgh riding for the Wheelers was outright winner on the night finishing in a course record 20minutes 26seconds. Second & Third positions were filled by the Wheelers in Lee Sturman (21mins.14secs.) and Steve Williams (21mins.33secs.). Fastest host club rider was Richard Carrington (22mins.26secs.).

The next interclub event will be on Thursday the 9th May on the West Stow 10 mile course with West Suffolk Wheelers being the host club.

Full result:

  1. Ben Mickleburgh (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  2. Lee Sturman (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  3. Steve Williams (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  4. Richard Carrington (Mildenhall CC)
  5. Viv Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  6. Richard Farrow (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  7. Barry Woodhouse (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  8. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall CC)
  9. Adrian Turner (Mildenhal CC)
  10. David Young (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  11. Nancy Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  • 20mins.26secs.
  • 21mins.14secs.
  • 21mins.33secs.
  • 22mins.26secs.
  • 22mins.42secs.
  • 22mins.43secs.
  • 23mins.51secs.
  • 24mins.09secs.
  • 24mins.15secs.
  • 25mins.14secs.
  • 27mins.51secs

22nd April 2002


Mildenhall's Open 10 and 25 results round-up

Mildenhall Cycling Club held their open 10 and 25 mile time trials on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning on the A14.

The '10' on Saturday was run in pleasant warm conditions on the Risby to Kentford course, although unfortunately a cross-wind made riding a little difficult. Seventy two riders faced the timekeeper. Overall winner was Jim Burgess from Lowestoft riding for the Anglia Velo Cycling Club, he was in a class of his own winning by almost a minute from promoting club rider Andy Stuart back from working in Italy for a few days especially to ride the event.

In third spot was local veteran Martin Pyne (Anglia Velo). Fastest veteran on standard was 71 year old Ken Craven (Crescent C.C.) a top time-triallist of the fifties and sixties who produced an actual time of 23 minutes 52 seconds. Quickest lady on the day was Judith Griffiths riding for the San Fairy Ann C.C., while overall team winners were Anglia Velo, represented by Burgess and Pyne who were supported by Andrew Hutchison.

Other Mildenhall C.C. riders times: Keith Richardson (23mins. 59secs.), Martin Kemp (24mins 49secs.) and event organiser Adrian Turner (25mins. 22secs.)

CLICK HERE for the full '10' result
CLICK HERE for the full '25' result

Leading Riders & times:

  1. Jim Burgess (Anglia Velo)
  2. Andy Stuart (Mildenhall C.C.)
  3. Martin Pyne (Anglia Velo)
  4. Alan Newark (C.C. Breckland)
  5. Andrew Hutchison (Anglia Velo)
  6. Bobby De`ath (C.C. Breckland)
  7. Allan Hale (Anglia Velo
  • 20mins. 47secs.
  • 21mins. 32secs.
  • 21mins. 36secs.
  • 21mins. 44secs.
  • 21mins. 46secs.
  • 22mins. 16secs.
  • 22mins. 16secs.
  1. Judith Griffiths (San Fairy Ann C.C.)
  2. Sue Clarke (Team Cambridge)
  3. Becky Durrant (East Anglian C.C.)
  • 25mins. 57secs.
  • 26mins. 05secs.
  • 28mins. 04secs.

The following morning saw a 106 strong field and 5 tandems face the timekeeper for the 25 mile time trial on the Risby to Woolpit course.

The wind was still troublesome for the riders with Sam Barker (Team Lighthouse) winning in 53minutes 6 seconds, while second was previous days winner Jim Burgess being denied the double by 33 seconds. Third placed rider was Veteran Ian Cammish (Steve Goff Frames Road Team) a further 15 seconds behind Burgess. Andy Stuart (Mildenhall C.C.) completing a brilliant weekend of riding to finish in fourth spot.

The Ladies event was for The Rachel Glaister Memorial Trophy. Rachel was killed whilst riding a time trial in 1998 and the trophy has been awarded to the fastest lady rider in this event for the past four years. Winner this year was Maxine Johnson (Kettering C.C.) who won the trophy in 1999. She rode very fast and beat a large number of the men to stop the watch in 1hour and 59 secs. She was a clear winner in the ladies event winning by almost twelve minutes from Becky Durant (East Anglian C.C.) with Deniece Davidson (Anglia Sport) winner from 2000 in third position.

Once again veteran Ken Craven completeing a superb weekend of riding to win on standard, his actual time of 1hour 45secs. beat many riders nearly fifty years younger than him!

In the following tandem event, 10 mile competion record holders Glen Taylor and Zak Carr (A.P.I. rode their hearts out for the 25 mile tandem competion record, unfortunately conditions were not quite right and they missed the record by less than a minute. The record (46mins.44secs.) has stood since 1998 and with their time of 47mins. 32 secs. being so close to the record means it must only be a matter of time before this pair beat the record.

Other Mildenhall Club riders times: Richard Carrington 1hour 1min. 04secs.; Keith Richardson 1hour 1min. 42secs. Overall team winners was once again Anglia Velo with Mark Solley backing up Jim Burgess and Andy Hutchison.

Leading riders and times:

  1. Sam Barker (Team Lighthouse)
  2. Jim Burgess (Anglia Velo)
  3. Ian Cammish (Steve Goff Frames R.T.)
  4. Andy Stuart (Mildenhall C.C.)
  5. Ryan Hamilton (Maryland Wheelers)
  6. Andrew Hutchison (Anglia Velo)
  • 53mins. 06secs.
  • 53mins. 39secs.
  • 53mins. 54secs.
  • 54mins. 49secs.
  • 54mins. 50secs.
  • 55mins. 21secs.
  1. Maxine Johnson (Kettering C.C.)
  2. Becky Durant (East Anglian C.C.)
  3. Deniece Davidson (Anglia Sport)
  4. Connie Tapper (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  5. Denese Hallahan (Wisbech Wheelers)
  • 1hour 0 mins. 59secs.
  • 1hour 11mins. 34secs.
  • 1hour 11mins .58secs.
  • 1hour 12mins. 02secs.
  • 1hour 17mins. 30secs.
  1. Glen Taylor/Zak Carr (
  2. Alan Newark/Bobby De`ath (C.C.Breckland)
  3. W Kembery/J Kembery (Cheltenham C.C.)
  • 47mins. 32secs.
  • 51mins. 24secs.
  • 56mins. 59secs.

21st April 2002


Mildenhall's first event in the season long Evening Time-Trials Series

Mildenhall Cycling Club held the first evening time trial series event of the new season on the Shippea hill 10 mile course.

The evening, although quite good for the Fens with very little wind, was cold. Well represented on the night were West Suffolk Wheelers who provided the overall winner, Ben Mickleburgh stopping the watch at 22minutes 20seconds - a remarkable fast time for the course. Second placed rider was another Wheeler Brian Starr in 23mins. 06secs.The Wheelers also gained third spot with Steve Williams in a time of 23mins. 32secs.

Fastest Mildenhall C.C. rider was Richard Carrington who recorded 24mins.18secs. Riding his first time-trial was Martin Kemp, a new Mildenhall C.C. signing from Cambridge, who finished in a very good time for a newcomer in 25mins. 50secs.

  1. Ben Mickleburgh (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  2. Brian Starr (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  3. Steve Williams (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  4. Richard Carrington (Mildenhall C.C.)
  5. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall C.C.)
  6. Martin Kemp (Mildenhall C.C.)
  7. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall C.C.)
  8. Viv Smith (West Suffolk Wheelers)
  • 22mins. 20secs.
  • 23mins. 06secs.
  • 23mins. 32secs.
  • 24mins. 18secs.
  • 24mins 35secs.
  • 25mins. 50secs.
  • 26mins. 14secs.
  • 31mins. 33secs

15th April 2002


Mildenhall's Victoria Pendleton flying says British Cycling

Competing at the BUSA (University) championships at the weekend, GB Team member Victoria Pendleton recorded two National Student Records and personal bests, reports British Cycling.

She recorded 12.061s for the flying 200m and 36.858s for the 500m time Trial, beating the old records (both held by team-mate Denise Hampson) of 12.14s and 36.996s. Both were officially timed via Velodrome event timing with marker bags out, however the 500 time was from a hand-held start, and is therefore unofficial.

Victoria’s coach Marshall Thomas said “The times are particularly pleasing as they are done with very little Track work yet, due to Victoria’s University commitments.”

10th April 2002


Mildenhall C.C. to host their Open 10 and 25 mile Time-Trials

Mildenhall Cycling Club hold their Open 10 & 25 mile Time-Trial on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st. of April on the popular Risby course in West Suffolk.

The courses are all dual carriageway. Both the 10 and 25 course records are held by Zak Car, 19.30 and 48.12 respectively. Carr is riding the Tandem event in the 25 with club-mate Glen Taylor and are the holders of the 10 Tandem Competion Record. Taylor has requested they have a late morning start hoping for a rise in temperature as he predicts a competion record is on the cards!

Riding in the 10 on the Saturday is in-form favourite Jim Burgess of Anglia Velo who should do battle with clubmate veteran Martin Pyne, other seeded riders include Dave Nock ( Andrew Hutchison (Anglia Velo) Alan Stevenson (East Anglian C.C.) and Bobby De`ath (C.C.Breckland)

The following morning the 25 incorporates The Rachael Glaister Memorial Trophy, this section of the mornings racing will be open to female riders only.
Rachael Glaister, a Mildenhall rider, was killed whilst riding a time trial in 1998. The event has been held each year since in memory of Rachael. Clear favourite for this event must be Maxine Johnson (Interbike racing team) a previous winner of the trophy, another past winner of the trophy also riding is Deniece Davidson (Anglia Sport). Other ladies riding are Judith Griffiths (San Fairy Ann C.C.), Connie Tapper (West Suffolk Whls.), Becky Durrant (East Anglian C.C.) and Denise Hallahan (Wisbech Whls)

The mens event has Ian Cammish (Steve Goff Frames Racing Team), Martin Pyne (Anglia Velo), Jim Burgess (Anglia Velo), Andrew Hutchison (Anglia Velo). These three look set to win the team award. Also riding are Adam Fisher (Cambridge C.C.), Paul Thetford (C.C.Breckland), Bill Broadfield (Ciclos Uno), John Gabriel (C.C.Breckland), Mark Solley (Anglia Velo). Late entry was Team Lighthouse C.C. fastman Sam Barker, who if on good form could pull a win out of the bag.

Promoting club riders include Andy Stuart (who should slot into the first six overall), Keith Richardson, Richard Carrington, organiser Veteran Adrian Turner and new winter signing Martin Kemp from Cambridge, who will be riding the 10 for the first time..

9th April 2002


Time-Trial season now well under way with Mildenhall riders flying Club colours

Mildenhall rider Andy Stuart rode the Welwyn Wheelers Hilly time trial last Friday and gained fourth spot out of 113 riders.

The course was a very hard hilly 31 miles based at Lemsford, Hertfordshire. The winner was Simon Gaywood (C.C.Luton) in a time of 1hour 14minutes 18seconds with Colin Roshier (Team Quest) coming in 2nd with 1hr. 15mins. 34secs. Andy`s time was 1hr.16mins. 39secs.

Also riding on Saturday in the Veteran`s 10 mile time trial was Adrian Turner, the course was at Higham on the A.14. Turner, the Club's Press Secretary was riding his first open event for two years losing most of last season through injury had gained quite a bit of weight and found the windy conditions not to his liking! His time of 25mins .09secs. was nearly four minutes outside his personal best. Winner on the day was Ian Cammish riding for the Steve Goff Frames Road Team in a time of 22min. 13 secs. Second was Allen Newark (C.C.Breckland) in 22mins. 20secs and third was Martin Pyne(Anglia Velo) in his slowest time for a few years - 22mins. 55secs.

7th April 2002


Mildenhall riders in Two-Up action

Mildenhall C.C.'s duo of Keith Richardson and Richard Carrington rode to a credible fourth place in the Icknield Road Club 28 km 2-up time trial in Leicestershire on Sunday. Their time of 45 mins. 28 secs. was just over 2 minutes behind the winners from the Long Eaton Paragon who finished in a time of 43 mins. 12 secs.

Easter Monday they rode the C.C. Breckland 2-up, 20 mile time trial at Mundford, but unfortunately Richard punctured after a few miles, and Keith finished on his own

1st April 2002

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Mildenhall's young rider takes on best in his age-group in Cyclo-Cross

Mildenhall Cycling Clubs nine year old Matthew Cook took on the country's best 9-10 year olds when he competed in the British Schools Cycling Associations National Cyclo-Cross Championships at Allestree Park, Derby.

Cook, one of 25 starters, after a mediocre start soon began working his way up to fourth place in the very hard, sticky conditions, then over the last few laps he was baulked by backmarkers in the narrow technical sections losing out to Thomas Key from Ashfield in the last 200 metres to finish 5th overall. It wa however, an excellent performance from a youngster who has only been racing for the last nine months.

18th February 2002


Mildenhall Club honours 2001 Champions

Mildenhall Cycling Club held their 49th Dinner and Prize Presentation at the Worlington Hall Hotel on Saturday evening. Guest of honour was well known Cycling Author Les Woodland who presented trophies to the prizewinners.

The main prizewinner of the evening, Andy Stuart was unable to attend as he is now living and working in Italy. Andy has had one of his best seasons to date, not only winning several open events he also smashed the Club 100 mile and 30 mile club records.

Keith Richardson was the other main prizewinner, with allrounder Veteran Ian Poole riding consistently throughout the season to take the club prestigious award the club super champion. Up and coming youngster Matthew Cook a prospective future champion also exelled at cyclo cross events across the east region during the past year.

For a full list of winners click here

4th February 2002

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Mildenhall Club's latest Off-Road Championship

Three members took part in the second round of the Club’s Off-Road Championship in woodland near Thetford. United Statses serviceman, Larry Moulton, made a welcome return to club racing after an extended lay-off through injury and foreign duties. This did not stop him getting back to winning ways with a comfortable win in the 45 minutes long race. He was followed home in second place by Ian Poole with Rodney Coleman overcome injury to finish third. After 2 rounds of the Championship, Poole and Coleman are joint leaders of the season long competition. The next round takes place on 24th February

28th January 2002


Mildenhall Riders in latest round of EDP Eastern Cyclo-Cross League

Two Mildenhall Cycling Club riders travelled to Brentwood in Essex on Sunday for the penultimate round of the Eastern Daily Press sponsored Eastern Cyclo-Cross League. The previous day’s heavy rain had made the woodland course extremely slippery and muddy, but this did not deter riders from London and East Anglia turning out for the Shaftsbury Cycling Club promotion.

First away on a shorter circuit were the Under 12’s with 9 year old Matthew Cook looking to secure third position overall in the League. Cook once again revelled in the heavy going to finish an excellent second some 41 seconds behind Joseph Perrett of the Lea Valley Youth Cycling Club. In third place was Luke Newby from Garboldisham riding for the Diss & District CC, a further 1 minute and 20 seconds back. The placing guarantees Cook third place in the Under 12’s League at the presentation which takes place at Ipswich next week.

Due to the narrowness of the starting straight, the Veterans race started 1 minute behind the seniors. Some 15 veterans lined up for the 40 minutes race over a wet and muddy circuit consisting of woodland paths and ditches. Representing the Mildenhall club was Ian Poole. He made his customary slow start which, on this occasion, made it difficult to claw back places on the first lap because of the lack of passing places. However, the difficult conditions were causing most riders to make mistakes and falls were frequent. This enabled Poole to gain a few places as the race went on. Rain towards the end of the race only added to the problems, making the course even more slippery and almost impossible to keep the machine in a straight line. To add to the problems, the mud was getting stickier and clogging up Poole’s machine. Despite all this, he managed to finish in 9th place in the veterans race, pushing him up from 15th to 9th place in the League despite only riding 4 League events this season. With just one event remaining, a top ten position at Fakenham this Sunday will secure him 8th place.

28th January 2002


Mildenhall Riders in National Cyclo-Cross Championships

Three Mildenhall Cycling Club riders took part in the national Cyclo-Cross Championships at Ipswich over the weekend.

Representing the Club in Saturdays afternoon's Veteran's Championship, Ian Poole lined up with a 66 of the country's top over 40 year olds for a 40 minutes race over the very fast 2 kilometres circuit consisting of woodland paths and grassland. There was drama just as the race was about to start when a rider warming-up for the race had to be taken to hospital with facial injuries sustained in a fall on one of the steep descents, delaying the start by 30 minutes.

When the race finally got under way, Poole made his customary cautious start before making up a number of places on the first running section. However, a fall on the second of the 7 lap race meant he lost some of those places, although he was soon back chasing riders down. With one lap to go, Poole was feeling the effects of the very fast pace and a new year cold and he was visibly losing ground on his nearest rival. This did not stop him finishing in 49th place, a creditable ride in only his 5th event of a curtailed cyclo-cross season. The winner was Belgium based Peter Stevenson, riding for Northallerton based Midridge Racing Team. He won by nearly two and a half minutes, the biggest winning margin of the weekend.

On Sunday morning, 9 year old Matthew Cook lined up in the Under 12's non-championship race over a shorter and easier course. Matthew, who is currently in the top three of the season long Eastern Cyclo-Cross League Under 12's category, rode extremely well against older and more experienced opposition. He battled for every placing, tackling the 2 low hurdles with the skill which many an older rider would be proud of. Cook eventually finished 9th and is now looking forward to the British Schools Cycling Association's Championship in Derbyshire in 2 weeks time.

In the Senior Championship, Keith Richardson, who was recently crowned Mildenhall Club Cyclo-Cross Champion, made a slow start in what was his biggest cyclo-cross race to date. Unfortunately the blistering pace proved too much for him and he was withdrawn from the race at the midway point having been lapped by the leaders. The winner of the race was the defending champion and former Junior World Champion, Roger Hammond, who rides for a Belgian based professional team and will be competing with Tour de France riders during the coming summer.

14th January 2002