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Club's Annual Cyclo-Cross Championship

It was a clean sweep for the Towler brothers in this years Mildenhall Cycling Club Cyclo-Cross Championship.

In the under 18's section Jake was the very comfortable winner, with his nearest rival, Ryan Skeats finishing a lap behind. There was then another lap to Callum Mitchell-Fuller and Josh Murad.

Eleven-year-old Alexander Robb and his younger brother Francis (7) deserve special praise, as they both struggled with leaves and mud clogging their wheels from the wooden section of the mixed course.

Despite the overnight heavy rain and strong winds that affected many parts of the UK, the course was largely unaffected with the wind dropping dramatically by the start of the racing. There were a few slippery tree roots to contend with and a small log jump, but most riders were hopping over these obstacles. The grass sections were damp but after a few laps had settled nicely and were running quite fast.

While Jake's older brother, Alan, saw off the challenge of David (Dad of Alexander and Francis) Robb and Martin Skeats in the Seniors category.


1 Jake Towler    
2 Ryan Skeats @ 1 lap  
3 Callum Mitchell-Fuller @ 2 laps  
4 Josh Murad @ 2 laps  
5 Francis Robb @ 4 laps  
6 Alexander Robb @ 5 laps  
1 Alan Towler    
2 David Robb    
3 Martin Skeats    
4 Max Dorling @ 2 laps  
5 Dave Bowers @ 3 laps  
6 Judith Robb @ 5 laps  
26th November 2012

Mildenhall member in Hemel Hempstead Cyclo-Cross

Keith Richardson took part in this weekend's Hemel Hempstead CC Cyclo Cross.

The Central League round 3 event attracted over 130 starters in the senior event. The Mildenhall rider finished in 105th position.

15th October 2012

Lee secures a Top Ten finish in Dusk til Dawn

One of the Club's newer members, Lee Woodcock took part in his second Dusk till Dawn race as a solo rider in his work team colours of Bike Art.

Unlike last year there was no rain on the night, but the wet weather over the previous nights meant a muddy start to the race, with a total 500 entrants amongst the categories, including 150 solo male entries.

Lee started near the rear of the field as they set off for just over a mile formation lap but as the race proper started, he was well towards the head of the pack. The ten-mile laps soon spread the riders with teams sprinting whilst the solo riders paced themselves to last through the 12 hours.

Two- laps in and the mud was clogging up Lee's rear brake so that was swiftly removed in a speedy pit stop. A further lap in and the cassette and chain were changed dropping him to 16th position but from there on, the bike took everything 12 hours of foggy muddy racing could throw at it.

Lee rode really consistent and gradually moved back up the placings into his target area of top 10. He had obviously learnt a lot from last years race and was still in really good shape as the race drew towards a close he decided to go flat out and get in a 13th lap which meant he secured 7th place.

Next years date is now penciled on the calendar!

10th October 2012

Final round of Club's Off-Road Championship

Fourteen year old Jake Towler astounded everybody at Sunday's Off-Road Championship - the final round of the Mildenhall Club's season long competition.

He not only won the Under 18's race with ease, powering round seven laps of the one-mile circuit in 34 minutes 44 seconds, lapping all but one rider, Ryan Skeats. But he then amazingly competed in the Over 18's race.

Not sufficient with just completing this longer race of 10-laps, he took on the men finishing just over two minutes behind the winner. Matthew Mantle and Pete Clements had been tussling for the lead throughout the race, with Mantle just getting the upper hand on the final lap to finish one second in front.

Jake even managed to beat his 26 year-old brother Alan into fourth place!

Mandy Burchett was the quickest round of the Ladies, who raced at the same time as the Under 18's.

An additional feature of these results are the split lap times produced by the Race Programme, written by Matthew Mantle, which can be seen below.

  Under 18    
1. Jake Towler 7 laps  
2. Ryan Skeats    
3. Calum Mitchell-Fuller 6 laps  
4. Colin Mantle    
5. Josh Murad    
6. Alexander Robb 5 laps  
7. Jack Tuffs    
8. Francis Robb 4 laps  
1. Mandy Burchett 6 laps  
2. Diane Mantle    
3. Jean Poole    
  Over 18    
1. Matthew Mantle 10 laps  
2. Pete Clements    
3. Jake Towler   Aged 14, having already ridden in and won the Under 18's race!
4. Alan Towler    
5. David Robb    
6. Harvey Wright    
7. Martin Skeats

9 laps

8. Dave Bowers 8 laps  
9. Mark Burchett 7 laps  
  Barry Archer DNF  




Under 18 & Women's lap times
Laps Av Lap Time Lap Time Max-Min Rider Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Lap 5 Lap 6 Lap 7
7 00:04:58 00:00:27 J Towler 00:04:43 00:05:01 00:05:03 00:05:10 00:04:49 00:04:56 00:05:02
7 00:05:42 00:00:37 R Skeats 00:05:23 00:05:44 00:05:48 00:05:51 00:06:00 00:05:29 00:05:41
6 00:05:52 00:00:23 M Burchett 00:05:41 00:05:49 00:05:51 00:05:56 00:05:49 00:06:04
6 00:06:03 00:00:56 C Mantle 00:05:30 00:05:46 00:06:08 00:06:04 00:06:22 00:06:26
6 00:06:04 00:01:10 C Mitchell-Fuller 00:05:45 00:05:48 00:05:53 00:05:59 00:06:02 00:06:55
6 00:06:27 00:01:40 J Murad 00:05:55 00:06:10 00:06:18 00:06:16 00:06:29 00:07:35
6 00:06:34 00:00:31 D Mantle 00:06:19 00:06:32 00:06:38 00:06:43 00:06:50 00:06:20
6 00:06:37 00:00:21 J Poole 00:06:49 00:06:39 00:06:36 00:06:40 00:06:28 00:06:28
5 00:07:13 00:00:42 A Robb 00:06:56 00:07:18 00:07:18 00:06:57 00:07:38
5 00:07:29 00:01:48 J Tuffs 00:06:45 00:06:45 00:07:58 00:07:22 00:08:33
4 00:09:03 00:00:49 F Robb 00:08:36 00:09:09 00:09:04 00:09:25
Over 18 lap times
Laps Av Lap Time Lap Time
Rider Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Lap 5 Lap 6 Lap 7 Lap 8 Lap 9 Lap 10
10 00:04:43 00:00:22 M Mantle 00:04:33 00:04:44 00:04:52 00:04:31 00:04:46 00:04:43 00:04:40 00:04:53 00:04:49 00:04:35
10 00:04:43 00:00:30 P Clements 00:04:34 00:04:41 00:04:55 00:04:25 00:04:50 00:04:43 00:04:43 00:04:53 00:04:48 00:04:36
10 00:04:58 00:00:44 J Towler 00:04:31 00:04:42 00:04:53 00:05:03 00:04:57 00:05:03 00:05:01 00:05:07 00:05:07 00:05:15
10 00:05:03 00:00:55 A Towler 00:04:26 00:04:44 00:04:54 00:05:03 00:05:07 00:05:14 00:05:06 00:05:21 00:05:18 00:05:19
10 00:05:09 00:00:48 D Robb 00:04:36 00:05:06 00:05:09 00:05:24 00:05:20 00:05:10 00:05:14 00:05:14 00:05:14 00:05:00
10 00:05:09 00:00:20 H Wright 00:04:58 00:04:56 00:05:14 00:05:12 00:05:16 00:05:11 00:05:13 00:05:14 00:05:13 00:05:05
9 00:05:26 00:00:38 M Skeats 00:04:59 00:05:19 00:05:27 00:05:30 00:05:31 00:05:30 00:05:37 00:05:32 00:05:32
8 00:05:58 00:00:45 D Bowers 00:05:28 00:05:52 00:06:01 00:06:06 00:06:05 00:06:00 00:05:57 00:06:13
7 00:07:00 00:04:09 M Burchett 00:06:04 00:06:32 00:06:34 00:06:29 00:10:13 00:06:42 00:06:26
6 00:05:54 00:00:49 B Archer 00:05:29 00:05:27 00:06:04 00:05:55 00:06:16 00:06:13
7th October 2012

Mildenhall member racing in the Chilterns

Keith Richardson, who lives near Leighton Buzzard, has been competing in local Hill Climbs.

Having been forced to retire from the Leighton Buzzard Road Race (Mentmore/Cheddington/Ledburn circuit) on Saturday with a puncture with just one lap to go, he tackled not one but three Hill Climbs the following day. About the Road-Race Keith later said "It was quicker for me to ride the one and a half miles back home on a flat tyre, than to get a spare then ride back to the event head quarters."

First up was the Hemel Hempstead event in the morning on Ivinghoe beacon. It was a foggy morning which reduced visibility down to 10 meters in places, up the climb. Keith stopped the clock in a time of 6 minutes 45 seconds.

The fog had cleared in time for the Tring Velo Hill Climb on the Krong at lunch time, making it more pleasant. Keith's time was 3minutes 30seconds and then in their event on Aston Hill in the afternoon, he recorded 7 minutes 1 second.

7th October 2012

Mildenhall members compete in CC Ashwell 'Cross

The fourth round of the Eastern Cyclo-Cross League took place around Knights Templar Sports Centre playing fields at Baldock. It was the first outing for Mildenhall riders this season, as well as Mandy Burchett as Commissaire & Diane Mantle as Youth Race PDA Operator. The weather was sunny & breezy & the ground was dry & grippy - most un-cyclo-cross-like!

Colin Mantle rode in the U12s race and made a good start from the second row. He stayed close to an older rider Jack Parish (Ipswich BC) who he often beat last season when he was an U10 rider, but just couldn't hold on to the end. He was lapped towards the finish by the dueling leaders and came a very good 12th in a field of 40.

Adam Gough took part in the 30 minute Youth race. He ended up in a gap on his own with 30 seconds either side to the next competitors. He did very well to finish 14th out of 30+ riders.

Matthew Mantle was back in the Elite Vets (as the Vets is oversubscribed), racing for an hour with the Seniors & Juniors. After a year of cancelled MTB racing following a broken collarbone in a circuit race in May he is starting to get back some fitness. He was surprised to be gridded (based on last year's results when there were fewer competitors!) and relieved to stay upright after the usual manic start line sprint. After a steady ride he was lapped twice by the leaders (including the National Junior Champion Hugo Robinson) and finished a tired 56th out of 67 starters.

Having 3+ riders meant we earned points for the League Club results too. Looking forwards to the next event...

Matthew Mantle

For the full results click here

30th September 2012

Rough Ride Championship Results


  Under 18
1. Ryan Skeats
1hr 16m 38s
2. Alexander Robb
1hr 36m 05s
(Rode with Dad David)
3. Jack Tuffs
1hr 42m 08s
4. Francis Robb
2hr 08m 25s
(Rode with Mum Judith)
  Over 18
1. Richard Carrington
57m 14s
2. Matthew Skeats
59m 12s
3. Marc Bowers
1hr 01m 04s
4. Harvey Wright
1hr 06m 40s
5. Martin Skeats
1hr 09m 04s
6. Mandy Burchett
1hr 12m 34s
7. Mark Burchett
1hr 18m 00s
8. Dave Bowers
1hr 18m 15s
9. David Robb
1hr 36m 05s
(Son Alexander rode with him)
10. Viv Bowers
1hr 43m 25s
11. Barry Archer
1hr 59m 14s
12. John Tuffs
2hr 06m 50s
13. Judith Robb
2hr 08m 25s
(Son Francis rode with her)
30th September 2012

Nuclear Blast!

Had Josh Murad and Lee Woodcock not been competing in the Nuclear Blast racing at Kelveden Hatch on Sunday, there would have been even more members on top of the largest ever field for a Club Off-Road Championship!

Eleven year old Josh rode his first ever one-hour mountain bike race. He took an early lead including catching and overtaking quite a number of the two and four hour riders who had set off ten minutes earlier. In the second lap Josh was overtaken by the eventual winner on one of the rougher sections, but held on well to finish second with a massive sprint finish to bring home his first cycling medal.

For Lee, it was his first attempt at a longer race, racing for four hours instead of his more usual two-hour event. He set off strongly and despite coming off twice in the first lap was holding his own in 10th position. As the race progressed Lee encountered technical problems with a loose rear wheel which looked like it could bring an early end to his race. 

But he finished, covering a total of 11 laps and despite feeling that the race hadn't gone too well for him he finished in a very respectable 6th position. The circuit was a challenging 4 mile loop with many technical twists and turns over obstacles, short ups and downs and all sorts of surface including a short up-stream section offering a welcome chance to cool down!

The event was held in conjunction with Adventure Race Essex and provided a great opportunity to try out some more challenging terrain.

16th September 2012

Off-Road Championship - Round 11

Matthew Skeats fought off the challenge of Adam Godwin to come home first in the senior section of the penultimate round of Mildenhall CC's Off-Road Championship.

Godwin, who pushed Skeats hard all the way, rides for Timbers MTB and was one of a number of their riders competing in this Inter-Club event. Third was Pete Clements, who had split loyalties as he's a member of both Clubs, although opted to ride in Mildenhall's colours.

In the Juniors section Jake Towler powered round the near mile course, lapping all his club-mates and was so close to lapping the fastest Lady Mandy Burchett, who were racing at the same time!

Calum Mitchell-Fuller and Francis Robb were both riding their first event for the Club only having recently joined. They did very well to finish forth and fifth respectively.



  1. Jake Towler
  2. Ryan Skeats
  3. Colin Mantle
  4. Calum Mitchell-Fuller
  5. Francis Robb
  6. Levi Towler


  1. Mandy Burchett
  2. Diane Mantle
  3. Jean Poole
  4. Julie Wright
  5. Viv Bowers


  1. Matthew Skeats (MCC)
  2. Adam Baker (Timbers)
  3. Pete Clements (MCC)
  4. Matthew Mantle (MCC)
  5. Tim Stevens (Timbers)
  6. Alan Towler (MCC)
  7. David Robb (MCC)
  8. Harvey Wright (MCC)
  9. Martin Skeats (MCC)
  10. Moe Monaghan  (Timbers)
  11. Barry Archer (MCC)
  12. Dave Bowers (MCC)
  13. Mark Burchett (MCC)
  14. Max Dorling (MCC)
  15. Simon Booth (Timbers)
16th September 2012

Off-Road Time-Trial - Round 4


  1. Lee Woodcock 29m 10s
  2. Matt Skeats 35m 10s
  3. Alan Towler 35m 46s
  4. Martin Skeats 37m 57s
  5. Barry Archer 39m 34s
  6. Ryan Skeats 39m 37s
  7. Jake Towler 40m 34s
  8. Josh Murad 41m 48s
  9. Wendy Dorling 17m 35s (Short Lap)
13th August 2012

Off-Road Championship - Round 10



  1. Ryan Skeats
  2. Jake Towler
  3. Colin Mantle
  4. Josh Murad
  5. Jack Tuffs
  6. Levi Towler


  1. Mandy Burchett
  2. Diane Mantle
  3. Viv Bowers


  1. Pete Clements
  2. Matthew Skeats
  3. Matthew Mantle
  4. Alan Towler
  5. Martin Skeats
  6. Barry Archer
  7. Mark Burchett
  8. Max Dorling
  9. Dave Bowers
10th August 2012

Victorious Pendleton

After her heart-wrenching disqualification in the Women's Olympic Team Sprint yesterday, Victoria Pendleton stormed to victory in tonight's Women's Keirin to deservedly win the Gold medal.

Mildenhall members eagerly waiting the start of the Keirin

She was roared on by members of Mildenhall Cycling Club at their Wamil Way clubroom, who were rewarded with an imperious display of track riding from their 31-year-old Honorary Golden Member.

Club Chairman, Mark Burchett, said "We are extremely proud of what Victoria has achieved over her career as probably the best Woman Cyclist this country has ever produced. And even if she doesn't win Gold in the her specialist discipline of the Women's Sprint, to take the Gold medal in the Keirin is the perfect way to end her reign"

"But I'm very confident she'll produce the goods in the Sprint too! To go and win the sprint gold will be the crowing glory and to retire at that level on that note - you can't write that sort of script." he added.

For Club members, there are more pictures on our facebook site.

3rd August 2012

Time-trialling results

Mildenhall time-triallist, Keith Richardson, has found himself having to pre-enter a local Cycling Club's Club event!

He says "These evening 10’s have been getting full fields up to their limit for each week, which resulted in riders having to pre enter. I've never known a club evening 10 to have a start sheet issued before the event with reserves. Some riders have been doing 19 minute 10’s each week and with the course record at 18m 47s, it's easy to see why riders have been coming some distance to ride."

His recent results, from the VC10 Evening 10 league, held on the F11/10 course (Tring/Aston Clinton bypass) have been;

Round 6       was a 25 on the H25/4 (on the Wendover Bypass) I punctured riding out to the event so I was a DNS  

Round 7       cancelled due to adverse weather.

Round 8       24.31

Round 9       24.15

Round 10     24.32

2nd August 2012

Evening Time-Trial Series - Round 4 results


  1. Lee Woodcock (21m 57s)
  2. Pete Clements (23m 17s)
  3. Nigel Wallace (23m 51s)
  4. Marc Bowers (24m 49s)
  5. Matthew Skeats (25m 14s)
  6. Martin Skeats (27m 26s)
  7. Barry Archer (28m 31s)
  8. Alan Towler (28m 44s)
  9. Jake Towler (29m 02s)

John Oakes (Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club) 23m 44s
Dennis Frangleton (Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club) 25m 56s
Dave Edwards (No Club) 26m 13s
Mark Woodley (No Club) 28m 12s
Joanne Smith (No Club) 32m 33s

23rd July 2012

Off-Road Championship - Round 9


  1. Ryan Skeats
  2. Colin Mantle
  3. Josh Murad
  4. Jack Tuffs


  1. Mandy Burchett
  2. Jean Poole
  3. Diane Mantle

DNF Wendy Dorling


  1. Matthew Skeats
  2. Pete Clements
  3. Matthew Mantle
  4. Harvey Wright
  5. Martin Skeats
  6. Barry Archer
  7. Dave Bowers
  8. Max Dorling
  9. Mark Burchett


Juniors and Ladies at the start of their race.

The Juniors and Ladies line up for the start of their race.

15th July 2012

Gas Hill Gasp

On a warm & sunny Friday evening after a day of torrential rain, two Mildenhall riders, Pete Clements & Colin Mantle, tackled the Gas Hill Gasp, writes Matthew Mantle.

The 300m long climb from Riverside, up Gas Hill in Norwich starts at a ‘gentle’ 10% slope, rising to around 20%. There were about 80 competitors riding in heats of four at a time. It was not without incident – some riders failed to reach the top due to shoes coming out of pedal clips, broken chains & back wheels popping out!

Pete had practiced riding the hill a couple of weeks previously, so he knew what to expect, but was still nervous of being in the very first heat. He stuck to his plan of spinning a low gear & remaining in the saddle all the way up – and came 1st in the heat! His second run was against much stiffer competition, the fastest riders from the other heats. After a slow start he chased hard but just couldn't catch them. Unfortunately, he didn’t get through to the next round, but really enjoyed the event.

Colin took part last year & came 4th in the U12's category.. This year there were 6 children riding in 2 heats. In his first heat, Colin finished just behind an 11-year-old and was faster than the 2nd placed rider in the other heat. This put him into the final against the boy who beat him & another 11-year-old. They were too strong but Colin kept chasing all the way and finished 3rd overall – one place better than last year!

It was a great event & real challenge. The variety of riding styles provided good entertainment for the many spectators who lined the hill & enthusiastically cheered everyone all the way to the top.

Pete Clements
Pete Clements on the easier lower part of Gas Hill

Colin Mantle
Colin Mantle on Gas Hill as it gets steeper and harder

14th July 2012

Time-Trialling Update

Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
Ashley A (11 miles) 4th June
6th place in 29m 03 sec

Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
Ashley BS/36 18th July
7th place in 55m 41 sec

10th July 2012

Evening Off-Road Time-Trial Series - Round 3 results


  1. Lee Woodcock (29m 34s)
  2. Matt Skeats (34m 15s)
  3. Harvey Wright (37m 46s)
  4. Barry Archer (41m 05s)
  5. Ryan Skeats (45m 20s)

Wendy Dorling (18m 12s) Short-Lap

9th July 2012

Mud Sweat & Gears - Series Roundup by Matthew Mantle

MSG1 - Tunstall Forest:

The first event of the series on April 1st(!) was far from muddy, with hot sunny conditions prevailing. It was a fast & flowing course with a single large pit. Diane Mantle & Matthew Mantle both rode the 1 hour Open race. Matthew went well in the 3 lap race to finish 7th after gaining a place in a sprint finish, only 1 second behind 6th place.

Colin and JoshDiane was not so happy. After expecting to stop after 2 laps with the leading men, she was told to continue with the Elite women to do 3 laps! She had put in all her effort to beat a rival on the second lap and had to repeat this for another lap. She was exhausted at the finish & spent the rest of the morning recovering with help from the on-site medics... However, her 7th place out of 10 riders in the Open Female class was a great achievement after an unexpected 1 hour 40 minutes of effort!

Colin Mantle & Josh Murad, pictured right, rode the U12s race, using a shorter 3 lap course. The long straights suited Josh but Colin did well to chase him at the finish, with Josh crossing the line just 6 seconds ahead in 5th place.

Pete Clements had a disaster in the 6 lap 2 hour race. On the 3rd lap he crashed on a tricky section at speed, fortunately without serious injury but buckling his front wheel beyond repair. New member Lee Woodcock also had a short race. He went off into a tree at about the same place on the 4th lap & spent some time with the medics... No serious injuries but enough to stop him continuing as well!

MSG2 - Hylands Park:

After days of rain, round 2 was a complete contrast - there was no shortage of mud! There were streams flowing across much of the site & the rain didn't stop for the 1 hour race. It was only 2 laps but it was struggle.

ColinMatthew finished an excellent 5th in the Open Male class, aided by narrow tyres with plenty of frame clearance. Diane was glad she was only getting soaked spectating after being put off by the length of the Tunstall race!

The organisers wisely decided to shorten the U12s course but that meant a 12 lap race! It was muddy, as Colin pictured left after the race demonstrates, but not too technical which put Colin at a disadvantage. He made a fantastic start and led most of the first lap. Then the older & stronger boys came past but he kept going in the awful conditions (despite being blocked by another rider) to finish 7th.

Josh however had a great ride, winning a sprint finish by a fraction of a second to come 4th without being lapped.

Everyone struggled in the 2 hour race as the rain stopped & the mud became stickier. The course was well worn from the morning's races and got worse as the 5 lap race went on.

Pete was mentally & physically fatigued by the end of the 3rd lap & called it a day after a series of near misses. Lee thrived in the difficult conditions & went well to finish 12th, only 1 lap down on the winner.

MSG3 and Eastern Region Champs - Thetford Forest:

Our 'home' round 3 saw a return to dry & sunny conditions. Matthew was highly disappointed to have to withdraw after breaking his collarbone in a circuit race 4 days earlier, an injury that put him out of the rest of the series. The organisers were very understanding & kindly refunded all the pre-entry fees for the following races - thank you!

The U12s course was more technical than the previous rounds which favoured Colin. He got a better start than Josh & pushed hard all race to finish an excellent 4th. But Josh didn’t give up & crossed the line 30 seconds later in 7th, after winning another close sprint finish with eventual series 3rd placed finisher.

The 6-lap 2 hour race was also the Eastern Region Champs round so the competition was fierce. Pete finished a great race in 20th place on the same lap as the winner. Lee also went brilliantly on the tracks he knows so well to finish 7th behind some serious competitors, including a 2nd Cat Road rider ranked 4th in the country!

MSG4 - Codham Park:

Yet another rain-soaked event. The 1 hour competitors had to push or carry their mud-clogged bikes up the hills, making it look more like cyclo-cross than mountain biking!

JoshThe U12s course was re-routed to use less technical tracks, but had to be extended after the warm-up lap to allow the timing system to work properly. A steep drop & climb were added which only the eventual winner (& Codham Park local!) could ride without assistance.

Colin & Josh both made good starts. Josh, pictured right, took the lead for a few laps before Colin caught & passed him when he slid off near the end. Colin finished just 4 seconds ahead in 6th place.

Pete & Lee avoided the long trek south to this event knowing that their best 4 events would count towards a series placing.

MSG5 - Ickworth House:

This was a new venue, using the fields & woods around the National Trust property. The mown sheep tracks across the fields were hard work for the U12s, so their race was only 1 lap long which was completed in only 7 minutes by the winner!

Coming in to this round, Josh led Colin by one point in the series standings - if Colin finished 6th or higher with Josh behind, he would move ahead. Colin made another fantastic start, with a bike length lead over the field by the first corner. As usual, the stronger boys came past a few hundred metres later including Josh. He charged up the final grassy climb to finish an excellent 5th, just 4 seconds behind the rider in front. Colin crossed the line next, 14 seconds back.

Pete enjoyed the course & went well to get his highest placing of the series of 16th. Lee also went well but was just edged out in the final sprint to get 7th.

Series result

Under 12 Boys: Josh 4th, Colin 5th with just 4 points between them & a big gap either side.

Sport Male: Lee 9th, Pete 15th.

Although not quite as slick as 2011 (the extreme weather not helping), the U12s pre-race training was good & it was still an enjoyable series of events with an excellent performance from Mildenhall Cycling Club riders.

Roll on 2013!!

1st July 2012

Keith Richardson flying Club colours

Keith Richardson has been competing in this years VC Evening 10 competition.

It's a competition that's local to him (he can see his house from the start) on the new F11/10 on the A41 Tring/Aston Clinton by pass. The new fast '10' course has been raising a lot of interest in online forums due to the fact the course  goes down hill a lot!

  • Event VC 10 round 2    23minutes 58seconds
  • Event VC 10 round 3    23min 45secs
  • Event VC 10 round 4    23min 35secs
  • Event VC 10 round 5    25min 2secs

In the British Cycling Central Region District Grass-Track Championship, held at Twickenham, he finished 5th in the 8km and was placed third in the 800m.

25th June 2012

Evening Time-Trial Series - Round 3 results


  1. Richard Carrington (22m 05s)
  2. Lee Woodcock (22m 52s)
  3. Nigel Wallace (24m 14s)
  4. Adrian Turner (24m 35s)
  5. Marc Bowers (25 08s)
  6. Mandy Burchett (28m 07s)
  7. Barry Archer (28m 11s)

John Oakes (Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club) 23m 38s
Chris Jennings (No Club) 24m 55s

25th June 2012

Off-Road Championship - Rounds 7 (uphill ) & 8 (downhill) Results


  1. Josh Murad (46 seconds)
  2. Colin Mantle (47 seconds)
  3. Ryan Skeats (49 seconds)
  4. Jack Tuffs (53 seconds)


  1. Viv Bowers (48 seconds)
  2. Jean Poole (57 seconds)
  3. Wendy Dorling (1min 18 seconds)


  1. Pete Clements (37 seconds)
  2. Marc Bowers (39 seconds)
  3. Matthew Skeats (40 seconds)
  4. Mark Burchett (43 seconds)
  5. Martin Skeats (46 seconds)
  6. Max Dorling (50 seconds)
  7. Dave Bowers (51 seconds)
  8. Matthew Mantle (1min 15 seconds)


  1. Ryan Skeats (1 min 32 secs)
  2. Josh Murad (1 min 47 secs)
  3. Colin Mantle (1 min 48 secs)
  4. Jack Tuffs (2 min 3 secs)


  1. Jean Poole (2min 2 secs)
  2. Wendy Dorling (2min 28 secs)
  3. Viv Bowers (2 min 57 secs)


  1. Pete Clements (1 min 2 secs)
  2. Matthew Skeats (1 min 4 secs)
  3. Marc Bowers (1 min 10 secs)
  4. Martin Skeats (1 min 23 secs)
  5. Matthew Mantle (1min 33 secs)
  6. Mark Burchett (1 min 47 secs)
  7. Max Dorling (1 min 54 secs)
  8. Dave Bowers (1 min 57 secs)
24th June 2012

Evening Off-Road Time-Trial Series - Round 2 results


  1. Lee Woodcock (31m 41s)
  2. Matt Skeats (40m 28s)
  3. Martin Skeats (42m 52s)
  4. Barry Archer (43m 03s)

Wendy Dorling (20m 40s) Short Lap

11th June 2012

Evening Time-Trial Series - Round 2 results

What a difference a month makes! The second round of Mildenhall Cycling Club's Evening Time-Trial Series was held after the hottest day in the country of the year so far, while Round 1 took place on foul wet and blustery April evening.

As then, Richard Carrington was the fastest round the 9.5 mile Red Lodge circuit in a time of 21 minutes 57 seconds. Nearly two minutes behind him was Pete Clements, who was thrilled with his ride of 23m 48s as last time he incurred a 30 second penalty for starting late.

Everyone riding benefited from the near perfect racing conditions, especially Mandy Burchett and Diane Mantle who sliced a minute and a half of their respective times.


  1. Richard Carrington (21m 57s)
  2. Pete Clements (23m 48s)
  3. Nigel Wallace (23m 49s)
  4. Adrian Turner (24m 09s)
  5. Martin Skeats (24m 47s)
  6. Mandy Burchett (28m 06s)
  7. Barry Archer (28m 21s)
  8. Diane Mantle (29m 40s)

Viv Jackie Smith (W. Suffolk Wheelers) Tandem 22m 58s

28th May 2012

Off-Road Championship - Round 6 results

The heat played it's part the previous day, in the latest round of the Club's Off-Road Championship. It made the undulating wooded course just that little bit more difficult.  

After giving himself nearly two-laps handicap from arriving late, Pete Clements so nearly over-hauled the whole senior field. He just failed to catch Matthew Skeats and had to be content with second place. This effort didn't seem to impact his performance in the Time-Trial!

With the leading contender, Matthew Mantle, out with a broken collar-bone, the next fastest rider was Martin Skeats.



  1. Josh Murad (7 Laps)
  2. Colin Mantle (7 Laps)


  1. Mandy Burchett (7 Laps)
  2. Diane Mantle (7 Laps)
  3. Jean Poole (6 Laps)
  4. Wendy Dorling (6 Laps)
  5. Viv Bowers (5 Laps)


  1. Matthew Skeats (12 Laps)
  2. Pete Clements (11 Laps)
  3. Martin Skeats (11 Laps)
  4. Dave Bowers (10 Laps)
  5. Max Dorling (10 Laps)
  6. Mark Burchett (9 Laps)

DNF Barry Archer

27th May 2012

Off-Road Championship - Round 5 results



  1. Ryan Skeats (6 Laps)
  2. Colin Mantle (6 Laps)
  3. Jack Tuffs (5 Laps)


  1. Mandy Burchett 6 Laps
  2. Diane Mantle 6 Laps
  3. Jean Poole 6 Laps
  4. Vera Staines DNF (Lent bike to Jack Tuffs after a mechanical problem)


  1. Matthew Skeats (10 Laps)
  2. Martin Skeats (10 Laps)
  3. Dave Bowers (9 Laps)
14th May 2012

Evening Time-Trial Series - Round 1 results

A foul wet and blustery evening did not deter members from taking part in the Club's first time-trial of the season. Despite the conditions Richard Carrington sliced through them with amazing ease, completing the nine and half mile 'Red Lodge' circuit in just 22 minutes and 13 seconds.

With the riders setting off at minute intervals, Carrington who went off last, finished before every other rider except Nigel Wallace. Underlying how light Carrington made of the conditions, he was over two minutes ahead of Wallace, who still recorded a very respectable time of 24 minutes and 41 seconds.

Pete Clements had mixed feelings for in spite of a 28 second late start penalty, he still stopped the clock at 26 minutes and 5 seconds. Although had he not had that handicap he would have finished ahead of Marc Bowers who was the third fastest in 25 minutes and 52 seconds.

All the riders, officials and time-keeper deserve credit for turning up in such inclement weather.

This was the first time in four years that the Mildenhall Cycling Club have held time-trials on the road and is a welcome return to their competitive calendar.


  1. Richard Carrington (22m 13s)
  2. Nigel Wallace (24m 41s)
  3. Marc Bowers (25m 52s)
  4. Pete Clements (26m 05s)
  5. Matthew Mantle (27m 24s)
  6. Mandy Burchett (29m 37s)
  7. Diane Mantle (31m 07s)
23rd April 2012

Off-Road Championship - Round 4 results


Under 18’s

  1. Ryan Skeats (6 laps)
  2. Colin Mantle (6 laps)
  3. Josh Murad (6 laps)
  4. Jack Tuffs (5 laps)


  1. Mandy Burchett (6 Laps)
  2. Diane Mantle (6 Laps)
  3. Jean Poole (6 Laps)
  4. Wendy Dorling (5 Laps)
  5. Viv Bowers (5 Laps)


  1. Peter Clements (12 Laps)
  2. Matthew Mantle (12 Laps)
  3. Matthew Skeats (11 Laps)
  4. Martin Skeats (10 Laps)
  5. Dave Bowers (9 Laps)
  6. Barry Archer ( 9 Laps)
  7. John Tuffs (9 Laps)

DNF Max Dorling

22nd April 2012

Off-Road Championship - Inter Club event with Timbers MTB


Under 18’s

  1. Ryan Skeats (5 Laps)
  2. Colin Mantle (5 Laps)
  3. Josh Murad (5 Laps)


  1. Mandy Burchett (5 Laps)
  2. Diane Mantle (5 Laps)
  3. Jean Poole (5 Laps)
  4. Wendy Dorling (4 Laps)
  5. Viv Bowers (4 Laps)


  1. Matthew Mantle (9 Laps)
  2. Peter Clements (9 Laps)
  3. Matthew Skeats (9 Laps)
  4. Marc Bowers (9 Laps)
  5. John Keith (8 Laps) Timbers MTB
  6. Martin Skeats (8 Laps)
  7. Dave Bowers (7 Laps)
  8. Barry Archer ( 7 Laps)
  9. Max Dorling (7 Laps)
  10. Mark Burchett (7 Laps)

DNF Tim Stevens Timbers MTB

11th March 2012

Off-Road Round 2 - a real test!

The second round of Mildenhall Cycling Club’s Off-Road Championship proved to be a real test for novice and fast riders alike.

Held on a new and different course from the usual venue, the one-mile circuit included a punishing climb, as well as several very tactical single-track sections.

Matthew Mantle, last year’s runaway Off-Road Championship winner, faced a stern test from Pete Clements who proved to have just a little too much in the tank. Further back Marc Bowers won the tussle for third place, finishing comfortably ahead of Matthew Skeats.

His younger brother, Ryan, was the leading rider in the shorter Under 18’s race completing the 5 laps ahead of Colin Mantle. Just one lap behind in third place was Jack Tuffs.

In the Ladies section Mandy Burchett continued where she left off last season, leading the Ladies competition and finished well ahead of Diane Mantle.

The next round of the Club’s season long Off-Road competition, back on the familiar circuit, will be this Sunday, with the Under 18’s & Ladies race starting at 10am. This round will also be an Inter-Club one with local mountain bike club Timbers MTB, with the two clubs combining for the first time.


Under 18’s

  1. Ryan Skeats (5 Laps)
  2. Colin Mantle (5 Laps)
  3. Jack Tuffs (4 Laps)


  1. Mandy Burchett (5 Laps)
  2. Diane Mantle (5 Laps)

DNF Viv Bowers

  1. Peter Clements(11 Laps)
  2. Mathew Mantle (11 Laps)
  3. Marc Bowers(11 Laps)
  4. Matthew Skeats (11 Laps)
  5. Harvey Wright (10 Laps)
  6. Martin Skeats (9 Laps)
  7. Dave Bowers (8 Laps)
  8. John Tuffs (8 Laps)
  9. Barry Archer (8 Laps)
  10. Mark Burchett (7 Laps)
11th March 2012

2012 Off-Road Championship starts with a flourish

Under 18's
1. Ryan Skeats 6 laps
2. Josh Murad 6 Laps
3. Colin Mantle 6 Laps

1. Mandy Burchett 6 Laps
2. Diane Mantle 6 Laps
3. Wendy Dorling 6 Laps
4. Jean Poole 6 Laps

1. Lee Woodcock 11 Laps
2. Mathew Mantel 11 Laps
3. Peter Clements 11 Laps
4. Marc Bowers 10 Laps
5. Mathew Skeats 10 Laps
6. Dave Bowers 9 Laps
7. Chris Jennings 9 Laps
8. Martin Skeats 8 Laps
9. Max Dorling DNF

22nd March 2012

CC Ashwell Go-Race Cyclo-Cross

Matthew Mantle reports, "British Cycling coach Mark Wyer had set up an excellent course at CC Ashwell's club field on a frosty January morning. There were hairpin bends, steep climbs & drops over earth banks, a very bumpy section, and hurdles for all but the U12s. It was CC Ashwell's club championships with non-members riding as guests.

The first race was a 3 lap scratch race for U12s. There were 15 entrants with 4 from Mildenhall! Colin Mantle led from start to finish, and was chased all the way but never threatened by top Ashwell rider James Fraser. Jack Tuffs rode brilliantly to finish 3rd, with Elena Gough a creditable 12th after really struggling with the thick frosty grass on her practice laps.

The U14 race including novice U16s was won by Welwyn rider Charlie Parr with Mildenhall's Adam Gough chasing hard to finish a clear 2nd ahead of 6 other riders.

Next was a 2 lap handicap for the U12s. This was understandably biased in favour of the youngest novice rider. He won but Elena had an excellent ride to a close 2nd place, followed by Colin with Jack not far behind. The U14 handicap provided the same result as the scratch race - Welwyn 1st & Adam 2nd, some way ahead of the rest of the field.

By the time the senior/U16 race started, the course had 'softened' in the sunshine with muddy patches in many places while others were still frozen. Mildenhall's Matthew Mantle was content to follow the U16 Ashwell rider Jon Chapman for the first few laps while keeping close enough to not 'lose touch'. Then the Ashwell rider slid off on a muddy hairpin and Matthew increased his pace to pull away. Jon succeeded in closing the gap but could not sustain the pace & drifted back, enabling Matthew to take a comfortable win. His wife Diane was pleased to finish 11th (but not last!) after a nasty fall at the hurdles.

The team spirit was strong with great support from members Mandy, Dave, Sue Tuffs & Adrian Gough. It was a good club performance with Mildenhall gaining two 1sts, three 2nds, & two 3rd places in the 5 races!"

23rd January 2012

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