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Updated 06-May-2018
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Off-Road Championship - Round 4


1. Jean Poole 2 laps    
2. Viv Bowers 2 laps    
  Over 18      
1. Garth Collier 4 laps    
2. Barry Archer 3 laps    
3. Dave Bowers 3 laps    
6th May 2018

Evening Time-Trial Series - Round 1

Fordham Circuit Time-Trial


  Under 18      
1. Alex Robb 15m 11s    
2. Francis Robb 18m 00s    
  Over 18      
1. Adrian Turner 15m 39s    
2. Trevor Lloyd 15m 43s    
3. Judith Robb 16m 48s    
4. Mark Burchett 18m 12s    
  Jordan Black (Newmarket) 12m 28s    


16th April 2018

Annual Rough Ride



  Over 18      
1. David Robb 1hr 40m 59s    
2. Harvey Wright 1hr 57m 44s    
3. Tom Sierra 2hr 5m 20s    
4. Mark Burchett 2hr 3m 45s Only 3 of 4 laps  
5 Dave Bowers 1hr 21m 50s Only 2 of 4 laps  
8th April 2018

Off-Road Championship - Round 3

With temperatures above freezing and snow beginning to melt, the decision was made to run the third round of the Club Off-Road Champs' at Fire Route 24.  A bit of work the day before had left a mostly clear path through the snow but the overnight thaw resulted in much soft ground.  11 riders braved the conditions and went home very muddy !

The Senior men set off first with the Juniors & Ladies following ten minutes later.  Garth Collier led the men away, pursued by David Robb, Matthew Mantle & Marc Bowers.  Marc was making a welcome return to the Off Road Champs' after several years away !

After a lap the riders settled into new positions on the wet tracks.  David was closely followed by Marc, with increasing gaps to Garth and Matthew as the going got harder.  After 40 minutes the final lap ended in a sprint between David & Marc, with the former taking the victory by less than a bike length ! (Pictured right - from L to R, Marc Bowers, David Robb & Garth Collier)

Although a junior Alex Robb chose to ride with the seniors as training for the Mud Sweat & Gears series.  He finished ahead of Dave Bowers who managed to find a wet puddle to break his fall on one slippy corner.

Mark Burchett followed behind, carefully pacing his effort on the energy-sapping climbs to stay below his heart rate limit.

The Junior race was won by Colin Mantle, followed by Alex Robb who was making the most of a rare 'day off' from rugby. Judith Robb finished first in the Ladies race after mastering her narrow commuter tyres in the slippery conditions.

Everyone enjoyed it but agreed it would be nice to have a drier course next time - roll on Spring !

Matthew Mantle


  Under 18      
1. Colin Mantle 3 laps    
2. Francis Robb 3 laps    
1. Judith Robb 3 laps    
2. Diane Mantle 2 laps    
  Over 18      
1. David Robb 6 laps    
2. Marc Bowers 6 laps    
3. Garth Collier 6 laps    
4. Matthew Mantle 6 laps    
  Alex Robb 5 laps Under 18 riding in the Over 18's section
5. Dave Bowers 4 laps    
6 Mark Burchett 4 laps    
4th March 2018

Off-Road Championship - Round 2


  Under 18      
1. Alex Robb 3 laps    
2. Colin Mantle 3 laps    
1. Jean Poole 2 laps    
2. Diane Mantle 2 laps    
  Over 18      
1. Garth Collier 5 laps    
2. Matthew Mantle 5 laps    
3. David Robb 5 laps    
4th February 2018

Off-Road Championship - Round 1


  Under 18      
1. Colin Mantle 4 laps    
  Over 18      
1. Garth Collier 5 laps    
2. David Robb 5 laps    
3. Matthew Mantle 5 laps    
4. Bert Woodhead 4 laps    
5. Mark Burchett 3 laps    
  Harvey Wright      
7th January 2018

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