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Updated 07-Apr-2019
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Annual Rough Ride

Marc Bowers was the only rider to finish inside an hour in this year’s Mildenhall Cycling Club Annual Rough Ride.

He powered round the 16-mile circuit of local roads, byways and bridleways in just 59 minutes and 4 seconds.

Demonstrating how beneficial cycling is for your well-being was Marc's father Dave, who still cycles regularly and while the 74-year-old might not have been quite as quick as his son, he still finished in a very respectable time of 1hour 27minutes 14seconds.

Another father and son competing were Garth & Michael Collier. Although Garth started just a minute behind Marc Bowers and at times on the more exposed parts of the course would have seen him, he remained tantalisingly in the distance, finishing 2minutes 22seconds behind him in second place. While seventeen-year-old Michael was the only Under 18 racing, he did very well to record a time a 1hour 21minutes 35seconds.

The event so nearly did not take place, when the Mildenhall Club realised that part of the course was affected by UK Power Networks work which has closed the B1102 in Worlington. But it went ahead due to the generosity of local landowner Mr Dick Mortlock, who he let the Club use a track through his farm.


  Over 18      
1. Marc Bowers 16 miles 59m 04s  
2. Garth Collier   1hr 1m 32s  
3. Mark Burchett   1hr 11m 35s  
4. Harvey Wright   1hr 24m 50s  
5. Dave Bowers   1hr 27m 14s  
  Dick Lines   1hr 6m 56s (W. Suffolk Wheelers)
  Under 18      
1. Michael Collier 16 miles 1hr 21m 35s  
7th April 2019

Off-Road Championship - Round 3

Members after competing


1. Judith Robb 5 laps 37m 06s  
  Over 18      
1. Matthew Mantle 6 laps 36m 40s  
2. Garth Collier 6 laps 38m 25s  
3. Dave Bowers 4 laps 39m 55s  
4. Tom Sierra 2 laps 20m 24s  
  Under 18      
1. Michael Collier 4 laps 34m 03s  
2. Alex Robb     Retired with mechanical problems
3rd March 2019

Off-Road Championship - Round 2

The second of the twelve rounds, excellently organised by Garth Collier, helped by his wife Angela and son Michael.

They had created a testing 1.5mile circuit in and around Mayday Meadow, which was the first time members had raced in this part of Thetford Forest.


1. Judith Robb 4 laps 33m 10s  
2. Mandy Burchett 3 laps 34m 25s  
  Over 18      
1. David Robb 6 laps 42m 27s  
2. Garth Collier   42m 53s  
3. Matthew Mantle   47m 30s  
4. Mark Burchett @ 1 lap 51m 50s  
  Under 18      
1. Alex Robb 4 laps 27m 22s  
2. Michael Collier   38m 26s  
3rd February 2019

Off-Road Championship - Round 1


1. Mandy Burchett 4 laps 40m 00s  
2. Jean Poole 4 laps 45m 30s  
  Over 18      
1. David Robb 5 laps 36m 54s  
2. Matthew Mantle   41m 07s  
3. Dave Bowers   41m 41s  
4. Ken Lucas @ 1 lap    
5. Mark Burchett @ 3 laps    
  Under 18      
1. Alex Robb 5 laps 34m 02s  
2. Colin Mantle @ 1 lap 40m 11s  
3. Michael Collier   43m 30s  
  Barnaby Seaman @ 1 lap 45m 14s  
6th January 2019

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