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Off Road Championship starts again! - Round 1

Not many takers for the first of the new series, four seniors and two juveniles, with a combination of fire routes and single track, it was a good testing course.

Mandy got a good fast start on the fire track which pushed Matthew into action, (couldn't have his mother in front of him) and then he didn't let up the pace, beating everyone including the seniors!

Full Result:

  1. Matthew Cook (Juv)
  2. Harvey Wright
  3. Barry Archer
  4. Andrew Phillips (Juv)
  5. Vera Staines

D.N.F. Mandy Cook

8th November 2004

Fenland Clarion CC Cyclo Cross - Mud glorious mud!

The usual members turned out to brave the weather and mud today at Bradshaws Quarry Stibbington. Mud in cross these days isn't fashionable, but this was what I would call a 'good old fashioned cross' so where was Barry Archer, who was complaining at Eccles that cross isn't what it used to be!!!

First up were the youths, riding the full course, Matthew wasn't on his normal top form, possibly being put off by the extremely slippy conditions, allowing Luke Newby (Diss CC) to push him down to 4th (3rd U14) changing bikes almost every lap, he did have a bit of a spurt on the last lap, beating Mark Chapman into 5th place. The winner as usual was Carl Harris of Eastern Region Velo.

Next up a much shorter, but still tough course, with a steep up hill finish! Andrew Phillips rode really well, taking second place to Hugo Robinson, of Ipswich BC.

By the time for the last event, we'd had a few more rain showers, which made conditions even worse, they were slipping, sliding and going splat all over the place. Carl Davey (unattached) rode to victory over Nathan Miller Anglia Sport, Simon Larbey and Alan Chapman braved it. Simon finished 36th, but Alan unfortunately didn't finish the event. Claire Larbey also rode, taking first lady title over Bedfordshire Road CC's Debbie Knott. Ian came out but didn't ride, presumably he thought better of it, so maybe he's not as mad as the rest of them! Very well done to all those who did brave it. The only other thing I can add is 'mud glorious mud, nothing quite like it for….' making me extremely grateful that I was nominated as commissaire for the event!

Mandy Cook

28th November 2004

Club Open Cyclo-Cross

The first of our two cyclo cross events was held at Nowton Park, sponsored by Shire Estate Agents of Mildenhall, it saw bright weather and a good number of competitors in all the events.

First up were the Youths, the winner Carl Harris of Eastern Region Velo completed 4 laps of the full course in 30 minutes 59 with Peter Hargreaves VC Norwich/Fitt Signs 2nd, Dominic Schils of Interbike/Boyer/Eddy Merckx/Diavolo/Schils third. Club members Matthew Cook and Mark Chapman were 4th and 5th respectively out of seven riders.

The Under 12's had 16 competitors and completed 15 minutes on a shortend but none-the-less tough course. The winner was Hugo Robinson (Ipswich BC) ahead of George Mattin (Colchester Rovers) and Sam Bores (Lee Valley Youth CC). The first girl Cara Ainsworth (Eastern Region Velo).

The main event was for Seniors, Juniors, Vets and Ladies. Five Mildenhall members started, although unfortunately Ian Poole did not finish. Alan Chapman finished 54th overall, Simon Larbey 57th, Mandy Cook 62nd (2nd lady) and Claire Larbey 64th (4th lady). Overall winner was Shaun Aldous of Interbike.

Thanks to all who helped!

Mandy Cook

Club Cyclo-Cross Championships

Sunday saw the Mildenhall Club hold their Cyclo Cross Championship, utilising Norwich Amateur Bicycle Club's event at Eccles School Quidenham.

As always this event gave a challenging and decidedly muddy and sticky course. Two of the younger members battled it out for the title of Juvenile Champion, Matthew Cook (12) and Mark Chapman (15). Matthew despite having a bad start, managed to take the title, being placed 5th overall 4minutes 16seconds behind event winner Carl Harris of Eastern Region Velo. Mark finished 6th overall, 49 seconds behind Matthew.

Five members rode for the Senior title within the field of 67 competitors. With this race being the last of the day, (following the Youths and Under 12's) the course become increasinging difficult to ride with the mud getting stickier with each lap. The overall event winner of the hour long race was Carl Davey (Unattached) completing 10 laps.
For the club title Mildenhall riders Alan Chapman and Simon Larbey battled for the club championship, Alan took the trophy being 55th overall, behind Carl Davey; Simon was runner-up.

New Mildenhall CC member Andrew Philips who came 2nd in the U12's event to Hugo Robinson from Ipswich Bicylce Club

Full Result:

  1. Alan Chapman 55th overall @ 3 laps +2 min 25 secs
  2. Simon Larbey 57th overall @ 3 laps +3 min 45 secs
  3. Mandy Cook 62nd overall @ 3 laps + 8min 23 secs
  4. Barry Archer 64th overall @ 4 laps +1 min 16 secs
  5. Claire Larbey 65th overall @ 4 laps + 2 min 31 secs
8th November 2004

Latest round of Club's Off-Road Championship

Harvey Wright (pictured right) won the latest round of Mildenhall's Off-Road Championship. The veteran was over five minutes quicker than guest rider, who preferred to known just as 'Jay' and Barry Archer in third.

Full Result:

  1. Harvey Wright 1hr 50min 32 secs
  2. Jay (guest rider) 1 hr 56 min 10 secs
  3. Barry Archer 1hr 56 min 15 secs
  4. Dave Bowers 2 hr 17 min 17 secs

Ian Poole
Matthew Cook

12th September 2004

Latest Evening Time-Trial results

Mitch Robinson riding for Mildenhall Cycling Club was the clear winner of the latest round of the Club's Evening Time-Trial series on the West Stow ten mile course.

In second place also riding for Mildenhall C.C.was Simon Palmer who has been improving consistently throughout the season, ahead of visiting rider James Coe. It was an unlucky night for puncture victims with Vera Staines puncturing before she started and Richard Carrington and Adrian Turner receiving punctures after they had started!

Full Result:

  1. Mitch Robinson Mildenhall C.C.23mins.06secs
  2. Simon Palmer Mildenhall C.C.26mins.38secs
  3. James Coe - 27mins.22secs
  4. Rod Price - 28mins.29secs
  5. Barry Archer Mildenhall C.C.28mins.58secs
  6. Mandy Cook Mildenhall C.C. 29mins.47secs
  7. Matthew Cook Mildenhall C.C.30mins.49secs
  8. Celia Newman West Suffolk Wheelers 31mins.01secs
26th July 2004

Evening Time-Trial results

Seven Mildenhall club members turned out for the latest round of the Evening Time-Ttrial series on Monday on the West Stow ten-mile course.

Clear winner on the night was Richard Carrington stopping the watch in 25 minutes dead with veteran Adrian Turner in second spot finishing in 26mins.40secs. Another veteran, Simon Palmer, finished third in 27mins.05secs. Twelve year old Matthew Cook turned in a good ride on the night finishing in 31mins.53secs.

Full Result:

  1. Richard Carrington 25mins 00secs
  2. Adrian Turner 26mins 40secs
  3. Simon Palmer 27mins 05secs
  4. Harvey Wright 28mins 21secs
  5. Barry Archer 29mins 19secs
  6. Mandy Cook 31mins 00secs
  7. Matthew Cook 31mins 53secs
5th July 2004

Racing Round-Up

Mildenhall CC has engaged in a variety of racing disciplines over the last two weeks. Twelve year old Matthew Cook took part in the cyclo-cross and grass track racing this weekend at the CTC York Rally. He won the under 12s cyclo-cross and achieved fastest time in the 1 lap scratch. Cook also achieved second place in the 1 lap sprint, narrowly missing first place. The under 12s omnium was sadly curtailed by rain during the afternoon. Matthew also took part in Monday’s club time trial on the hilly Higham course; he achieved a time of 36 mins 40 seconds but has vowed never to ride the course again! He currently has 23 points after five events in the time trial

Other results for Mildenhall in the club time trial at Higham as part of the
evening time trial series were:

  1. Larry Moulton, 25 mins 32 secs
  2. Harvey Wright, 30 mins 29 secs
  3. Nöel James, 30 mins 54 secs
  4. Barry Archer, 31 mins 19 secs

Visiting riders were:

  • Dave Sturman (West Suffolk Wheelers), 25 mins 10 secs
  • Chris Fritzche (Newmarket C & TC), 27 mins


Larry Moulton is currently leading the club time trial series with 59 points from Harvey Wright (58 points) and Simon Palmer (49 points). Sadly Larry leaves us soon to return to the USA; perhaps he’ll achieve an unassailable lead before then.

Mildenhall CC track team is pleased to announce its newest addition, Nöel James, who has started her season with some strong results. She achieved fourth place in the Women’s National Keirin Championships at Herne Hill on the 12th June. “I could have had second or third but I was too busy being battered by the rider who took fifth place, whilst we were rubbing elbows the others came over the top of us”, she said. At Sunday’s CTC York Rally grass track event Nöel achieved second in the 1 lap scratch with a strong ride, holding off the third and fourth place riders. The winner got off to a flying start that Nöel was not able to match. “The track was very hard
going; bumpy with a strong wind and thick grass”, said Martin Kemp who won his 500m handicap heat fairly easily but pulled a foot out at the start of the final and hence had to make do with fifth.

28th June 2004

Latest Evening Time-Trial results

Mildenhall Cycling Club held its latest Evening Time-Trial on the 9.5 mile Red Lodge circuit on a very warm evening.

Full Result:

  1. Larry Moulton 21min 49 sec
  2. Chris Fritzsche 23 min 24 sec (Newmarket CC)
  3. Simon Palmer 24 min 51 sec
  4. Harvey Wright 26 min 16 sec
  5. Nellie James 26min 18 sec
  6. Matthew Cook 26min 21 sec
  7. Barry Archer 28 min 02 sec

    Viv Smith & Jackie Kay rode tandem, in 22 min 42 sec
7th June 2004

Club Open Circuit Time-Trial

Mildenhall CC held their open time trial on Saturday, the weather was near perfect with just a gentle breeze, for the 25 competitors who started the 10.8 mile circuit starting and finishing in Ashley, taking in some very hilly roads round Newmarket, Kirtling, & Upend.

Local veteran Martin Pyne (Anglia Velo) won the event with a time of 26min 08 secs, while senior team mate David Staff (Anglia Velo) took second, with 26min 26 secs. First placed lady was Romana Berglund (Stowmarket & Dist CC) 30 min 09 sec, 20 seconds faster than second placed Julie Baker (Colchester Rovers) 30 min 21 sec.

Mildenhall CC riders Richard Carrington came 8th overall (3rd senior), Keith Richardson 9th overall (4th senior) and Claire Larbey 24th overall, (5th Lady).

Cick here for pictures from the event

Full Result:

  1. Martin Pyne Anglia Velo Veteran 26:08
  2. David Staff Anglia Velo Senior 26:26
  3. Angus Jardine Ipswich B.C. Senior 27:15
  4. Ken Baker Colchester Rovers Veteran 27:22
  5. Pete Whelan Plomesgate C.C. Veteran 27:33
  6. James Morris Ipswich B.C. Veteran 27:45
  7. Chris Worsfold API Veteran 28:19
  8. Richard Carrington Mildenhall C.C. Senior 28:46
  9. Keith Richardson Mildenhall C.C. Senior 28:52
  10. Tom Walker Wolsey R.C. Senior 29:35
  11. Colin Whitechurch Ely & District C.C. Veteran 29:50
  12. Romana Berglund Stowmarket & Dist C.C. Lady/Senior 30:09
  13. Julie Baker Colchester Rovers Lady/Veteran 30:21
  14. Phil Hollingsworth East Anglian C.C. Veteran 30:38
  15. Robin Taylor Newmarket C. & Tri C. Veteran 30:54
  16. Graham Bickle Rockingham Forest Whs Veteran 31:31
  17. Ted Sanderson Ipswich B.C. Veteran 31:57
  18. Brian Foster Eastern Region Velo Veteran 33:41
  19. Paul Vergette C.C. Breckland Veteran 34:28
  20. John Thompson V.C. Baracchi Veteran 35:28
  21. Celia Whitechurch Ely & District C.C. Lady/Veteran 35:57
  22. Bev Whelan Plomesgate C.C. Lady/Veteran 37:00
  23. David Richards Newmarket C. & Tri C. Senior 37:26
  24. Claire Larbey Mildenhall C.C. Lady/Juvenile 41:15

6th June 2004

Victoria Guarantees her place at the Athens Olympics.

Last weekend Riding in the Track World Championships in Melbourne, Persil Professional Cyclist and Mildenhall Cycling Club member; Victoria Pendleton booked her place to the Athens Olympics. Victoria was already equal first in the Women's Sprint World Cup after the last round of the competition three weeks ago at Sydney, but needed to be placed in the first 10 of the World Championships to be guaranteed a seat to Athens. Pendleton competes in two disciplines the 500m time trial and the sprint. In the time trial Victoria was 10th with a time of 35.3 seconds for the standing start sprint discipline, however this was following her efforts in the previous two days in the sprint competition.

In cycle sprint racing seeding is decided by riding a flying start 200m time trial. Victoria recorded 11.559 (38.8 mph) to the fastest ride of Svetlana Grankovskaya, the defending World Champion's 11.339, this gave Victoria a seeding of 8th. In the rounds that followed Pendleton eliminated Yvonne Hijgenaar of Holland, Clara Sanches of France and finally 2002 World Champion Natalia Tsylinskaya of Belorussia. This left Pendleton in the last 4. Her next ride was against the defending champion Grankovskaya, Victoria was beaten in the first of the best of three rides by half a bike length and in the second ride was relegated after a 'coming together' when Victoria was judged (correctly) to be in the wrong. This left Victoria to ride off against one of her Swiss based training partners, Lori Ann Muenzer of Canada for the bronze medal. Victoria was narrowly beaten in both rides. Thus her final place was 4th in the 2004 World Championships, exactly the same position as 2003!

The result confirmed that Great Britain has for the first time got a true World-Class Women's sprinter. With a ride at Athens now guaranteed Victoria's 7 times world champion coach will be focusing their joint efforts on the small improvement necessary to secure a medal at Athens. Mind you so will all the other key women in this most specialised of disciplines.

Her father, Max gives a little insight into what is involved in achieving world standard in sprint cycling. Victoria's regime consists of 2 or 3 sessions each day; five and a half days a week. These sessions can be with free weights in a Gym, where she squats up to 120 Kg (she weights 60 Kg), road sessions of 3 hours in the mountains around her Swiss training camp and speed sessions (often motor-cycle paced) on the Aigle cycle track. After the Olympics Victoria will return to the UK, probably based in Manchester for the National Championships in October (where she will be defending three of her four National titles) before starting the 2004/2005 World Cup series that starts in November.

There is also an in-depth interview with Victoria on British Cycling's website.

31st May 2004

Evening Time-Trial results

Mildenhall Cycling Club had a good turnout on Monday evening for the latest round of their Evening Time-Trial series on the West Stow ten mile circurt.

Mildenhall riders by far out numbered the visitors. Top rider on the night was Mildenhall's latest signing American service man Mitch Robison, who normally competes in road races. He beat one of the top riders in Suffolk, Ben Mickleburgh riding for Team Tri-uk. In third spot riding for West Suffolk Wheelers was David Griffin.

Full Result:

  1. Mitch Robison. (Mildenhall C.C.).23mins.29secs.
  2. Ben Mickleburgh. (Team Tri-UK) 23mins.40secs.
  3. David Griffin.(West Suffolk Wheelers) 24mins.14secs.
  4. Larry Moulton. (Mildenhall C.C.) 24mins.22secs.
  5. Adrian Turner. (Mildenhall C.C.) 26mins.17secs.
  6. Chris Fritsche. (Newmarket C.C.) 26mins.24secs.
  7. Simon Palmer. (Mildenhall C.C.) 27mins.51secs.
  8. Harvey Wright.(Mildenhall C.C.) 28mins.39secs.
  9. James Eastwood.(West Suffolk Wheelers) 29mins.25secs.
  10. Barry Archer. (Mildenhall C.C.) 29mins.57secs.
  11. Vera Staines. (Mildenhall C.C.) 35mins.32secs.(Tricycle).
25th May 2004

Evening Time-Trial results

The Higham hilly ten mile curcuit was the venue for latest round of Mildenhall Cycling Club's Evening Time Trial series on Monday night.

Five riders faced the timekeeper on a warm and windless evening. The winner as expected was American Serviceman Larry Moulton in a time of 25 minutes 23seconds with Adrian Turner finishing in second place stopping the watch in 27minutes 39seconds. Harvey Wright was third in 29minutes 1seconds.
New signing Nelly James was first lady just beating Many Cook by 26 seconds, who had also broken the course record, before Nelly finished!

Full Result:

  1. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall C.C.) 25mins.23secs
  2. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall C.C.) 27mins.39secs.
  3. Harevy Wright (Mildenhall C.C.) 29mins.01secs.
  4. Nelly James (Mildenhall C.C.) 31mins.20secs.
  5. Mandy Cook (Mildenhall C.C.) 27mins.28secs.
17th May 2004

Latest Racing Round-up

Mildenhall Cycling Club held the second event in their Evening Time Trial series on Monday night. A warm windless evening greeted the riders on the Risby nine mile hilly circuit.

Six mildenhall riders, one Newmarket rider and four West Suffolk Wheelers faced the timekeeper.The overall winer on the night representing Mildenhall was top rider Larry Moulton stopping the watch in 21 minutes 50 seconds. Newmarket rider Chris Firtzcke was second in 23minutes 4seconds; while Mildenhall Veteran adrian turner came in third in a time of 23mins.11secs.

Full Result:

  1. Larry Moulton (Mildenhall C.C.) 21mins.50secs.
  2. Chris Firtzscke (Newmarket C.C.) 23mins.04secs.
  3. Adrian Turner (Mildenhall C.C.) 23mins.11secs.
  4. Simon Palmer (Mildenhall C.C.) 25mins.20secs.
  5. Barry Archer (Mildenhall C.C.) 26mins.54secs.
  6. Matthew Cook (Mildenhall C.C.) 27mins.28secs.
  7. Zak Towler (Mildenhall C.C.) 27mins.39secs.

    Tandem Viv Smith/Jackie Kay (West Suffolk Wheelers) 22mins.57secs.
    Two up Ben Mickleburgh/Mark Eastwood (West Suffolk Wheelers) 25mins.32 secs.
11th May 2004

Latest Racing Round-up

The Sunday saw round 6 of Mildenhall's off-road championships, held in the local forest. Zak Towler won with 12 laps in 49.05. Two minutes (and a lap)
separated the top three, with Harvey Wright and Mandy Cook second and third respectively. The winning juvenile was Mark Chapman, followed by Matthew

Meanwhile, Mildenhall member Richard Carrington rode in the Cambridge University CC '10', which was a support race for the British Universities
Sports Association (BUSA) '10' championships, Richard came 6th overall, recording a time of 24 min 30 sec; the winner was Rob Driver in a time of 22
min 26 sec.

Sara Whelan, a new Mildenhall member and national grass track champion, rode the BUSA Women's 10 (representing Loughborough University) and finished 8th overall, with a time of 28 min 18 secs. Winner was Rachel Horn of Cambridge University in 26 min 9 sec. Despite being a fine, warm day most riders were
much slower than their previous best times.

Richard also rode the Kings Lynn CC 10 the following week, finishing with a time of 24 min 27 sec. "I was a bit disappointed with the time; I just
scraped into the top 15". Zak Carr won with an incredible 20 min 45 sec, well over a minute clear of the second place rider!

10th May 2004

Family effort in Time Trial

Matthew Cook, recently turned 12, has been continuing his Cycling Time Trial career on a decidedly 'rolling' course near Scampton, Lincolnshire for the
Lincoln Wheelers CC 10. This was the first TT he had completed on his own;his first was a 2-up with his mother Mandy. He recorded a time of 29 min 41
sec; fastest juvenile was Leigh Andrews (from Velo Club Lincoln).

The Cook family made quite a turnout, with Matthew's mum Mandy and grandmother Vera riding on their tandem tricycle, finishing in 27 min 56 sec.

24th April 2004

Mildenhall Member on 'track' for Athens 2004
Stotfold cyclist and Second-Claim member of Mildenhall C.C. Victoria Pendleton last weekend moved one step closer to qualification for the Olympic Games in Athens. Victoria, a current British Champion over four disciplines rode in the first round of the UCI World Cup in Moscow in three events. In two she succeeded in achieving qualification for the 2004 World Championships when points awarded for her placings are added to the 4th and 7th places she gained in the 2003 World Championships.

In the Sprint, Pendleton qualified 7th fastest in the seeding time trial over 200m, completing the distance in 11.38 seconds, a speed of just over 39mph! Victoria proceeded through the next two rounds with comparative ease to meet 2002 World Champion Svetlana Grankovskaia in the last four. Victoria was beaten in two rides and thus went to the 3rd / 4th place ride off with Tamilia Abossova of Russia. Victoria lost these two rides, leaving her 4th in the competition. However the points she gained will qualify her along with her fourth place in the 2003 World Championship for the 2004 Worlds.

In her next event, a 500m sprint time trial Victoria recorded 35.594 seconds (31.5 mph with a standing start) to come 6th to World Champion Natallia Tsylinskaya of Belaruse. The time gap of 0.765 of a second was the closest that Pendleton has yet come to Tsylinskaya and bodes well for the future. Again the points awarded with those from Stuttgart World Championships in 2003 mean that Victoria has now qualified for the 'Worlds' in Melbourne in May.

Victoria on her Look Track bike in SwitzerlandThe final event was a 10km scratch race, here Victoria was sitting perfectly with 600 meters to go on the wheel of the eventual winner, a rider Pendleton can easily outsprint, when one of a number of fallers behind her fell across her back wheel forcing her off the track. With only 600 m left to go there was no way to recover and Victoria finished 18th, though with all her skin in tact. This result is a pity, as a place in the first 4 would have secured another squad place for the 10K at the Worlds.

The method of selection for the Olympics is based on the degree of success in the World Championships, which is in itself dependent on success in World Cup events (4 in all). Pendleton and her ex world champion coach, Frederick Magne, in Switzerland had decided that Victoria should only ride two World Cups, Moscow and Manchester with the Melbourne Worlds as the next target before Athens. Her father and member of Mildenhall C.C. Max says "At this point in time all seems to be going to plan. Training continues in Aigle, Switzerland at the World Cycle Center Monday afternoon.

There is also an in-depth interview with Victoria on British Cycling's website.

15th February 2004


Mildenhall share in the Eastern Cross League honours

Eleven year old Matthew Cook collected the Under 12 Award (with 200 points) at Sunday's Eastern Cyclo-Cross Association presentation. Pictured right is Matthew receiving his trophy from Carol Jeckill, wife of former Norwich cyclist and EDP cycling correspondent Ivan Jeckill. The EDP currently sponsor the Eastern Cyclo-Cross League, which is named in Ivan's honour.

While in the Ladies category, his Mum, Mandy Cook, was runner up with 94 points. Mark Chapman (131 points) and Claire Larbey (127 pts) took fourth and fifith places in the Youth section. In the Seniors section Keith Richardson finished 27th, although he only rode one qualifying event.

In the Veterans category the Club had three riders in the final placings - Ian Poole, 7th (105 pts); Simon Larbey, 10th (91 pts) and Alan Chapman, 12th (78 pts).

The presentation took place after an end-of-season fun Madison, held at Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich.

For the full Eastern League results click here.

8th February 2004

Mildenhall CC Open Cyclo-Cross

Mildenhall CC's Cyclo-Cross, held at West Stow on Sunday, brought the Eastern Cyclo-Cross League to a close. Click here to see the full set of images from the event.

Full Results:


  1. Carl Davey Sen X RT/Elmy Cycles 10 laps in 57:25
  2. Ian Newby Sen Diss & District CC +0:14
  3. Russell Parkins Sen X RT/Elmy Cycles +0:33
  4. Nick Ainsworth Sen James Hay RT +3:59
  5. Dave Copland Vet Ipswich BC +4:36
  6. Ivan Burch Sen Interbike/Boyer/Eddy Merckx/Diavolo/Schils +5:37
  7. Chris Jillings Vet Ipswich BC +1 lap +0:48
  8. Geoff Bores Vet Lea Valley Youth CC +1 lap +1:49
  9. Michael Dunn Sen Unnattached +1 lap +2:00
  10. John Terrell Vet Ipswich BC +1 lap +2:07
  11. Steven Griffiths Jun Lea Valley Youth CC +1 lap +2:08
  12. Darrel Glover Sen Norwich ABC +1 lap +2:47
  13. Mark Westrup Sen Gt Yarmouth CC +1 lap +3:24
  14. Neil Stevens Sen Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK +1 lap +3:48
  15. Kerrick Newstead Jun Ipswich BC +1 lap +3:55
  16. Barry Dack Sen Unattached +1 lap +4:23
  17. Carlton Ainsworth Sen Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK +1 lap +4:39
  18. Julian Parker Vet Ipswich BC +1 lap +6:07
  19. Dom Mingaye Vet RAF CC +1 lap +6:22
  20. Robert Smith Vet Ipswich BC +1 lap +6:49
  21. I Hurst Sen St Ives CC/Richardson's Cycles +1 lap +6:58
  22. Colin Newstead Sen Ipswich BC +1 lap +7:07
  23. Matt Kyle Sen Basildon CC +2 laps +0:45
  24. Zak Towler Sen Mildenhall CC +2 laps +1:54
  25. Graham Findlater Sen Unattached +2 laps +2:28
  26. Ian Poole Vet Mildenhall CC +2 laps +3:37
  27. D McLaren Sen Norwich ABC +2 laps +3:44
  28. Paul Harris Vet Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK +2 laps +5:10
  29. Kevin Howe Vet Team Flow Racing +2 laps +5:23
  30. Robert Griffiths Vet Lea Valley Youth CC +2 laps +7:00
  31. Dave Tomlinson Sen Ipswich BC +2 laps +7:49
  32. Simon Larbey Vet Mildenhall CC +3 laps +0:54
  33. Brian Foster Vet Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK +3 laps +1:07
  34. Alan Chapman Vet Mildenhall CC +3 laps +2:10
  35. Mandy Cook Ladies Mildenhall CC +3 laps +2:11
  36. Nicola Smith Ladies Newmarket +3 laps +3:13
  37. Karin Newby Ladies Diss & District CC +3 laps +5:32
  38. Paul Barry Vet Ipswich BC +3 laps +6:36
  39. Katie Rossi Ladies Lea Valley Youth CC +3 laps +6:50

Mildenhall's Zak Towler

Mildenhall's Ian Poole

Mildenhall's Alan Chapman


  1. Josh Ibbett Youth Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK 4 laps in 27:00
  2. James Jackson Youth Lea Valley Youth CC +1:13
  3. Daniel Parker Youth Ipswich BC +1:24
  4. Carl Harris Yth U14 Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK +5:09
  5. Dominic Schils Yth U14 Interbike/Boyer/Eddy Merckx/Diavolo/Schils +6:09
  6. Marcus Simpkin Youth Unattached +9:02
  7. Mark Chapman Youth Mildenhall CC +1 lap +0:39

Mildenhall's Mark Chapman

Under 12

  1. Matthew Cook Mildenhall CC 3 laps in 10:34
  2. Oliver Rossi Lee Valley Youth CC +0:05
  3. Luke Newby Diss & District CC +0:49
  4. Dale Jackson Lee Valley Youth CC +1:10
  5. Sam Bores Lee Valley Youth CC +2:00
  6. Cara Ainsworth Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi +2:20
  7. James Arden Norwich ABC +2:37
  8. Michael Dunning Colchester Rovers +4:03
  9. Lewis Parker Ipswich BC +4:09
  10. Imagen Buick Unattached +4:17
  11. Ben Sturman West Suffolk Whls +4:26
  12. Sam Sturman West Suffolk Whls +6:19
  13. Tom Mair Unattached +1 lap +0:03

Under 12 winner, Matthew Cook, riding to
victory to seal the League Under 12 title

25th January 2004

Club Off-Road Championship - Round Two

Zak Towler is the early leader in the Club's Off-Road Championship after making it two wins in two events. Zak (pictured right) won Sunday's Round two event held in the forest on a two-mile course over a mixture of single track and fire routes.


  1. Zak Towler 4 laps in 32m 27s
  2. Harvey Wright 4 laps in 33m 07s
  3. Dave Bowers 4 laps in 35m 46s
  4. Mandy Cook 4 laps in 36m 34s
  5. Vera Staines 3 laps in 38m 37s


  1. Matthew Cook
Zak Towler

18th January 2004

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