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Results from Club events and open events where Club riders took part in 2009

Cyclo-Cross Championship - Results


  1. Anthony Preece
  2. Sean Goode
  3. Marc Bowers
  4. Mandy Cook


  1. Adan Gough


8th November 2009

Hill-Climb Championship - Results

Veteran Max Pendleton, once again proved he's the Club's fastest Hill Climber! The father of Olympic and World Sprint rider Victoria, raced up Primrose Hill in Moulton in a time of two minutes and 6.81 seconds.

He finished seventh in a larger than usual field of twenty seven riders from the three competing Club's - MIldenhall CC, Ely & District CC and Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club. His closest rival from MIldenhall was Richard Carrington, a further 10 seconds slower.

For the full result, see the Ely & District CC website.


Mildenhall Riders

  1. Max Pendleton 2 minutes 6.81 seconds
  2. Richard Carrington 2 mins 16.42 secs
  3. Marc Bowers 2 mins 24 secs
  4. Keith Richardson 2 mins 25.93 secs
  5. Anthony Preece 2 mins 32.57 secs
  6. Harvey Wright 2 mins 58.04 secs
31st October 2009

Latest Round of Super Championship - Uphill & Downhill

The Club held its Annual Uphill / Downhill competition on Sunday, not in the Thetford Forest but in the Mildenhall Woods.

On a gloriously sunny Autumn morning eight members, including some unfamiliar names, tackled the three-quarter mile hill. One of those was the fastest on both sections of the course - Anthony Preece, who has just begun racing again after a break of several years. Despite riding his first Cyclo-Cross of his comeback, the day before in Baldock, he was six seconds ahead of Marc Bowers in a time of 3 minutes and 3 seconds at the top of the hill. However, on the downhill leg he had just one second margin ahead of Bowers!

The other unfamiliar name was Mark Burchett who, not known for his racing abilities, was unsurprisingly the slowest uphill. Although he surprised a few downhill beating both Dave Bowers and his fiancee Mandy Cook!

The shining light however, was Second-Claim Member, Matt Cook who was by far the quickest up and down the hill! He was the only rider to go up in under three minutes (2m 42s) and the only one to come down in under two minutes (1m 59s).


Uphill Section

  1. Anthony Preece 3.03
  2. Marc Bowers 3.09
  3. Harvey Wright 3.19
  4. Barry Archer 3.36
  5. Mandy Cook 4.08
  6. Dave Bowers 4.14
  7. Mark Burchett 4.20
  8. Vera Staines (no official time due to time keeping)

Downhill Section

  1. Anthony Preece 2.11
  2. Marc Bowers 2.12
  3. Barry Archer 2.18
  4. Harvey Wright 2.26
  5. Mark Burchett 2.36
  6. Dave Bowers 2.37
  7. Mandy Cook 2.43
  8. Vera Staines (no official time due to time keeping)
27th September 2009

Mildenhall in Letchworth - Gem Estate Management Grass-Track

Max Pendleton, ably assisted by Chief commissaire Paul Savage, Assistant commissaire Julia Gilbert and Starter Kate Kennedy, put on a marvellous afternoons entertainment.

The significant junior contingent coped well with the blustery but dry conditions and all of the riders were encouraged along by a knowledgeable commentator (Dave Kennedy) and a number of well wrapped up spectators.

The first of the events for the meeting were the heats of the 800m Scratch Sprint, part of the National Short Distance League.

With fresh legs the heats were fast and furious and there were some close fought battles. First heat winners Bryan Taylor (VC Londres), Richard Lambert (Cottingham Couriers RT) and John McClelland (Agiskoviner) the National Hard Track Endurance League title winner in 2007 and 2008, going through as of right to the final leaving the remaining riders to fight it out in the repercharges.

Between the Senior events the Juvenile Omnium event series was started consisting of the 400M Time Trial, 800m Handicap, Juvenile 1600m and Devil take the hindmost.
All of the Under 16 riders put their hearts and souls into every single one of the Omnium events, trying right to the line, even though the later events on the Omnium series were quite long.
With the Juvenile Devils having such large fields, and on a 400m circuit with a taxing wind, anyone who lost the wheel in front was destined for a hard ride to the line.
CC Ashwell Youth Section heavily outnumbered the competition and took the first three places with boys juvenile.

Words from Sarah Brooke Photography - click here to see a wide range of her pictures from the event.


800m Scratch Sprint, part of National Short Distance League

  1. Bradley Burbridge
  2. Bryan Taylor
  3. John McClelland
  4. Adam Ellis
  5. Matt Fenton
  6. Richard lambert

800m Handicap

  1. John McClelland
  2. Martin Smith
  3. Andy Ballentyne

Unknown Distance

  1. Bryan Taylor
  2. Bradley Burbridge
  3. Andrjez Bojarski

8km Scratch including National Endurance League

  1. Bryan Taylor
  2. Leigh Haigh
  3. Matt Fenton
  4. John McClelland
  5. Richard lambert
  6. Gavin Daley
  7. Bradley Burbridge
  8. Andrjez Bojarski
  9. Pete Wheelan
  10. Andy Ballentyne
  11. Steve Oglesby
  12. Adam Ellis

Juvenile Omnium
U16 A Riders

  1. Jack Withington
  2. Joshua Maynard
  3. George Bateman
  4. Edward Goater
  5. George Eva

U14 B & C Riders

  1. Theo Doncaster
  2. Joe Page
  3. Matthew Ellis
  4. Daniel Maynard
  5. Jack Norton

Ladies and U16 girls Omnuim

  1. Jodie Brumhead
  2. Hanna Payton
  3. Claire Larbey
  4. Karen Lifford
  5. Fiona Pegg
  6. Karen Pegg
  7. Harriet Page
  8. Rebecca Maynard
8th June 2009

Pendleton senior races on International stage too!

Max Pendleton, father of Mildenhall Cycling Club Golden Member and Olympic Champion Victoria, has himself been racing on the international stages, well on both of New Zealand's Islands actually!

He rode a rather hilly 90 kilometre event open to all classes of riders known as the 'Nelson Lakes 90', fishing a very respectable 9th overall from the 89 finishers. Pendleton says "This takes place at the top of South Island of New Zealand and, due to the scarcity of roads is made up of a 90 Km circuit with just 3 left turns. The route takes in one extremely large hill known as Hope Saddle. The 92 starters had already been split over several kilometers by the 30 mph wind assisted section of about 25 Km before turning onto the road with Hope Saddle"

"This climb that takes about 15 minute,s decimated the field and I was over the top in the second group of four, with 10 riders in the front breakaway group. The remaining 50 or so kilometres saw little change apart from two riders being shed from the first group. I won the sprint finish for the second group placing me 9th overall," he adds.

The next events ridden were all part of the New Zealand Masters Games and were held at Wanganui on the North Island. Max sets the scene saying "Wanganui are proud owners of an exceptional sports facility including a 250m wood surfaced out door cycle track."

In the track events he was placed 2nd in the 2000m pursuit and the 500m time trial, was third in the sprint and won the 3000m scratch race. All the events were well represented for Pendleton's 60-64 age group. However, his best result was in the Road race on the Saturday when a field of 24 for this age group faced the starter. The course was generally flat apart from one very technical descent followed by a climb of about a kilometer. This descent and hill were the key sections of the course where all the splits occurred in all the various age groups' events.

In Pendleton's race the key move went away on the 3rd climb of the hill when four riders escaped the rest of the field. The gap was consolidated before the next descent and climb, where Max and local cyclist John Black descended the hill at near limit speed before attacking up the climb. The two riders topped the climb with about 30 seconds over the two chasers, a gap which opened more in the remaining 8 km where Max's sprint, just after catching a younger age group's race decided the event.

The ex-National Grass-Track 8km Champion summed up his most recent trip to New Zealand as "Overall a successful two week-ends racing."

9th February 2009

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